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This YouTube SEO workshop hosted by our very own video optimisation expert, Itamar Blauer, will help you grow your channel and improve your video SEO.

This session will cover:

– How to reach your target audience through keyword research
– Optimising meta-data for videos
– In-video optimisation techniques
– Strategies to increase engagement
– Other YouTube features including how to live stream

Following this training course, you will understand how to:

– Optimise your videos to rank higher on YouTube search
– Use online tools to carry out keyword/market research
– Increase engagement and watch-time
– Create a strong branded channel with a consistent layout

MintTwist host plenty of workshops at our Old Street HQ in Central London, from SEO to PPC. If you want to take part in our next workshop, visit

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  1. John Emery says:

    I watched the entire workshop. Fantastic points, Itamar! I have learnt tons about YouTube SEO thanks to you 🙂

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