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How to Rank YouTube Videos – EASY

Create your YouTube channel! If you haven’t, check out CE’s video “How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2019” where we will walk you step by step through the process of setting up your channel for your brand or agency.

How to increase views:
Optimize Your Videos
-pick an appealing title and make it relevant
-Tools like Google Keyword Planner, Serpstat, and Ubersuggest will help with keyword research.
-create custom eye-catching thumbnails
-Video descriptions should contain a short explanation of your video topic, as well as links to your website and social media accounts, and a list of hashtags. Also the description should include:
-Add up to 15 hashtags
Add Cards, End Slates, Bumper ads, and Watermarks
Cards: small, transparent CTAs that expand when clicked.
End Slates: Put in links to your other videos or a longer playlist to direct viewers to your other content, and remember to add a link for viewers to subscribe to your channel.
Bumper ads: six-second video ads appearing at the start or end of a video.
Watermarks: custom subscribe buttons visible only to non-subscribers
Featured Channels:
Adding other channel with similar content adds value to your channel.
To keep viewers interested in your video, open every one with a hook or teaser. Announce the best and most exciting part of the video at the very beginning of your video as a bit of a teaser, or offer up some other incentive at the beginning of the video
Post at the Right Time
Posting at the right time is essential to getting more views.
-Peak hours during the week are 8pm-10pm and on the weekends around 11am
Always make a call-to-action for views to subscribe and get notifications every time you post.
Collaborate with Other Creators
Networking is key on any platform! Work with fellow creators in your niche to promote your channel and business.
Optimize your channel to attract followers
Fill out as many relevant details on your profile as possible, including:
A keyword-rich bio
An eye-catching banner image (2560 x 1440 pixels, 2MB max)
Links to your website and social media profiles
Location and contact information

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