Yoggy’s Money Vault Best Email Extractor and Search Engine Scraper Software

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Yoggy’s Money Vault is the most powerful email scraper and extractor on the market. Having been using almost every single email extractor on the market, we found that most email extractors were either very slow, produced unfiltered and irrelevant results, crashed, drained the CPU resources and simply did not deliver. Our tech wizards have decided to create the most powerful email scraper and extractor software loaded with many cool features that will allow you to scrape email addresses from search engines at lightning fast speed with laser targeted precision.

Ways in which you can use Yoggy’s Money Vault Email Extractor and Scraper Software
Yoggy’s Money Vault Email Extractor performs one core function, which is to scrape targeted emails from the search engines. Here are some strategies for scraping e-mail addresses for your business:

Email Extractor and Scraper Software – Yoggy’s Money Vault Potential B2B customers: you can scrape email addresses for your niche and then use those for contacting your prospects via emails and newsletters.

Email Extractor and Scraper Software – Yoggy’s Money Vault Guest Blog Post Outreach: you can scrape emails from all niche-related websites and websites from which you can get backlinks. You can then contact the website owners via email with your guest blog post proposal. Guest posting is by far the most effective, white hat and safest way to build backlinks for your website. YOGGY’S MONEY VAULT has a revolutionary ability to find niche-targeted websites that are accepting guests posts. You can use YOGGY’S MONEY VAULT to build unlimited backlinks to your website in a completely “white hat”, safe and effective way.

Here’s how it works:

Enter your set of keywords
Enter footprints that you would like to use. For example, this could include phrases in quote marks such as “accepting guest posts” or “write for us”. You can download a full set of most popular footprints for finding guest posts on our website.
Configure your domain and content filters: simply enter a list of words that you would like to appear inside the target websites’ domains, urls, meta title and description and the body text. This will help you to narrow down all websites to your niche.
The software will then scrape the search engines and extract the urls and emails of websites that are accepting guest posts.
You can then choose what websites you would like to approach.
Approach the websites with your guest post and if it gets published, you will earn yourself valuable backlinks.
Broken Link Finder Broken Link Finder: YOGGY’S MONEY VAULT built-in Broken Link Checker will Find Broken Links by way of 404 non-resolving domains from any website.

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