For the first time, the open-source Drupal and WordPress content management teams have coordinated joint security releases to fix a new vulnerability. The flaw, first reported by security researcher Nir Goldshlager, is a potential denial-of.

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distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that leveraged the pingback trackback feature in WordPress. The feature was being abused by attackers across 162,000 WordPress sites for a DDoS attack,

With WordPress popularity ever increasing, security issues have never been more relevant.

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Security researchers have uncovered a recent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that used at least 162,000 WordPress-powered websites to knock another site offline. The technique made it possible for an attacker with modest.

Attention small businesses that use WordPress to manage the content on the Web: Developer NorseCorp. has launched a cloud security service designed to protect open-source content management systems that many SMBs use to run.

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Ubiquitous blogging service WordPress has issued a critical security release to fix a vulnerability that could’ve.

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If your website runs on a self-hosted WordPress installation or on Drupal, update your software now. Nir Goldshlager, a security researcher from.

to become unavailable and also create a Denial of Service attack on the MySQL database.

However, we recommend searching for software with the utmost security (256-bit encryption is a must-have.

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Security analysts have detected an ongoing attack that uses a huge number of computers from across the Internet to commandeer servers that run the WordPress blogging application.

in DDoS [distributed denial-of-service] attacks.

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The cross-site vulnerability was discovered by independent Filipino security researcher Crtc4L, who reported the issue via WordPress’ bug bounty program hosted on the HackerOne service. No details are available at this moment on how the.

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Other issues still in the "reporting" stage include a DoS (Denial of Service), persistent XSS (cross-site-scripting), and CSRF bug in none other than the WordPress core. Knowing the WordPress security team, no doubt they’ll be fixed in.