WordPress Image Optimization Plugins VS your HANDS

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Someday I’ll be rich enough to buy myself this and you’ll finally hear a good sound in my videos 🙂
WordPress image optimization and compression plugins (Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer) VS manual approach to optimizing and reducing the size of images and photos.
Best hosting in my opinion – (special 3.95$ per month offer including free domain name for one year (note: this link is affiliate link)).
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10 Responses

  1. TGM WEB GURU says:

    Table of content of this video:
    0:45 Inserting not optimized photos into a page
    2:29 Checking the speed of loading a page with non-optimized images
    3:30 Installing the image optimizer plugins – Smush and EWWW Image Optimizer
    4:25 Setting up the Smush image compression and optimization plugin
    5:46 Checking the result of the loading speed of the page with Smush plugin
    6:46 Setting up the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin
    8:00 Checking the result of the loading speed of the page with EWWW Image Optimizer plugin
    9:08 Reducing the size of images with the free tool Befunky
    10:54 Disabling plugins and removing unoptimized photos
    11:29 Adding optimized pictures on the page
    12:24 Checking the result of the speed of loading the page of optimized images using Befunky
    14:00 Conclusion

  2. Fayza Salman says:

    Would you please give me the photo editor download link?

  3. charles dessa says:

    Hello! keep up the good work and this channel will grow huge:) amazing value

  4. abhinesh nangla says:

    Loved the way you taught everything. Thanks a lot.

  5. babu says:

    Hi after one year, do you think there is any good free plugin which does almost same as manual ? manually optimizing 100 images is impractical, too much time consuming.

  6. mohammed yousif says:

    what if i have more than 1000 pictures what should i do?

  7. Necro master says:

    If i want to do it manually I just download optimized one in insight and re upload it

  8. Matías Fernández says:

    im cant open my site wtf

  9. DreamyPosy - Paper Flower tutorials says:

    Thanks, then I'll manually optimize my images

  10. abdellah elmazria says:

    you're realy good thanks

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