Why Should You Care About SEO

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When was the last time you Googled something? Probably in the last hour, right? Your audience is doing the same thing, which is why SEO is crucial to your marketing strategy.

SEO Reaches Your Audience Where They Are: Search

AdWeek reports that 81% of consumers conduct an Internet search before purchasing a product or service. SEO provides the opportunity to reach your audience where they are, without investing in Pay Per Click advertising.

Crafting an SEO strategy focused on your audience requires research.

What type of content is popular with your demographic? (video, podcasts, blogs, etc.)

1) What questions are they using as search terms?

2) What type of content is ranking for your chosen keywords and topics?

3) This research guides your content strategy so you create what your audience wants. By disseminating it online through social media, guest blog posts, and backlinks, you will begin to improve your search results.

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