White Hat SEO Training – How To Build White Hat Backlinks To Any Website In 2017

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This is a short, new style of white hat SEO training video.

How to do all of the things in this video – www.danray.me/system

Here is a more detailed version of this same strategy (20 mins)-

A lot you guys have no idea how to build links.

So you do a lot of shit like use specific anchor text ratios and build links on sites that you own at a particular velocity

All of this is bullshit

What you should do is create something cool – because guess what, people like cool shit

Then show it to people who own websites where people who will find it cool already visit – people like to help their audience, by sharing cool shit with them, their audience tend to think they’re a little bit cooler, people like to be thought of as cool

you should probably avoid your competition

You send them a nice email, they know why you’re emailing so keep it short

say something like…

hey, we have this cool shit, i think your audience will think its cool too, it would be cool if you’d share it with them, perhaps on this page

here is a link to my thing

anyway, cool site, its the shit

short, simple, to the point

oh and dont try to get people to link to something that directly sells something, people dont link to that ind of thing and anybody who tries to get links to that type of stuff is a dick

if they dont read the email, send it again, click forward and then say – hey did you get a chance to see this?

1 of 2 things can happen here, they reply or they dont

you can do further things like check if they clicked the link and follow up again if they didn’t actually see the content

if they open your email, click the link and dont get back to you, then they dont like it, thats cool, stop bugging them, but its cool to remind them to check it out if they havent

do this to 200 targeted people a month with content that is good enough and you will get a tooooooon of backlinks

and thats it, thats how you get links to any website

but….. lets talk about calibration for a second

If people dont open your emails – change the subject line
if people dont click the link in your email – change the copy of your email
if people click the content and dont reply to ou or link to it – then you need to either change the content or change the people you are showing it to

so lets summarise:
1) create something cool
2) show it to people who own sites where people who will find it cool visit
3) follow up until they see the thing you want to show them
4) calibrate based on your results

this method is 100% effective and cannot fail if you follow the simple steps

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9 Responses

  1. Jeff Mann says:

    Hey Dan. I own some pretty 'cool' content sites and I get emails like the ones you prescribe in your video all the time.

    Know what I do? Hit trash every time.

    Why? Because frankly I find it a bit offensive.

    Reason being, I spend days creating my big articles. I spend hours on research, tweaking my copy. Finding the most relevant resources to link to.

    So when someone emails me out of the blue saying:

    …."Hi, I read your article and I think my resource is better than the ones you chose to put in your article. Please add my link…."

    …I'm like:
    …. "No it's not. F*ck off. I spent days researching and writing this piece"

    So, as a writer and publisher, as well as an SEO, I have no motivation to send out 200 emails telling people that I think they should re-edit their work to include a link to mine.

    I think it's disrespectful, which is why I instantly trash any emails like this.

    Just my take….

  2. valery karavasilev says:

    This a great video containing valuable information on how to build backlinks to any website!

  3. Lanka Likes says:

    superb bro

  4. Jati Kalingga Praja says:

    do we need to concern about follow/nofollow link?

  5. James Moore says:

    lol coooool shit

  6. Based Bachelor says:

    Dope. Sharing this.

  7. yolink4765 says:

    LOVE IT… short, sweet and to the point!

  8. Jesse Murdock says:

    I feel like I'm getting a much better idea of how to do this. thank you Dan

  9. Eric Ortego says:

    useful troubleshooting tips regarding email calibration.

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