VuePress Tutorial – Learn how to use VuePress for a Documentation Site (Beginner)

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The end of this vid got cut off, the rest:
Question: How many monitors do you use while designing and or developing?
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— In today’s video, we’re going to take our very first look at VuePress by the Vue team. They originally used it for their documentation system, but now you can use it as well. It’s a static site generator that allows you to use the power of Vue. It’s also SEO-friendly and comes with a bunch of other handy features.

In this first video, I’m going to show you how to get set up with it and use it for it’s main purpose, which is for documentation. Let’s get started!

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24 Responses

  1. DesignCourse says:

    *NOTE*: My renderer decided to cut off the last few minutes of this video, watch the rest here:
    Make sure to SUB! – My answer for today's question: Back in the late 90's, I used 1 monitor (a big old CRT monitor) as that was the default. I remember some time in the early 2000's getting a 2nd CRT monitor and holy crap I was blown away by the productivity and organization boost. At one point, I eventually moved to 3 monitors. Now, I primarily just use 2 monitors, but I have a 3rd Wacom Cintiq 22HD that sits to my side (it's the one angled towards you when you see me on video at the beginning of these tutorials). I think we'll see a return 1 monitor, but it will be the extra wide monitors that are out now.

  2. Abdur Rob says:

    I use 2 monitors for my development both 1366X768.

  3. Dimitris Efstathiadis says:

    Any chance we get a more in depth tutorial on this?? Would be great. Thanks!!

  4. John Hansen says:

    Hi, Great video and thanks. One q -> How to make an inline svg image or is it possible?

  5. Mike Hunsberger says:

    2 monitors at work and 3 at home…

  6. Grant Chambers says:

    Woah woah woah – hold the phone… your logo on your shirt is green screening!? That's awesome. Awesome tutorial as well!

  7. Eric Thomas says:

    Great tut. Thanks very much. Do you have any insights on which VuePress directory to put on Github to make GitHub Pages deployment possible? I can't seem to figure this piece out by reading the docs.

  8. hariztek says:

    i use three monitors

  9. nick stockley says:

    I use 4 monitors but three is the magic number for development. 1 for editor, 1 for browser and 1 for dev tools

  10. Martin Mali says:

    Most of the time only one 2K 24”.

  11. David Bermudez Vargas says:

    I use two 🙂

  12. John Weland says:

    On my work PC (laptop) I run 3, laptop screen 1920×1080, 27" 2560×440, and 29" 2560×1080 (ultra wide). On my personal rig doing work outside of … work… I just use the 2 … 27" 2560×440, and 29" 2560×1080 (ultra wide)

  13. Christian Haugland says:

    I use 2 monitor, but i want a 3 monitor stand.

  14. Agent Orange says:

    This is the best VuePress tutorial I've found. I hope the followup tutorials come quickly!

  15. Natan FOURIÉ says:

    u don't get the differences beteen override.styl and style.styl stylesheets ^^
    Can you explain it a little bit further ? 🙂

  16. Dylan Vanhout says:

    Nice t-shirt Garry! ;)… I use one monitor 27" but looking to get another.

  17. TheBinaryGuy says:

    I use 2 monitors, both 1080p.. btw can you do a series on React?

  18. AdamsTaiwan says:

    I use 3 Monitors (2 external to MSI notebook) 1 is ultra wide rotated, so actually now ultra high… it's great for long code scrolling or reading documents. And I use at 3 virtual desktops so I can layout windows without needing to switch a lot. Also, may put up a couple of Remote Desktops on different monitors in different virtual desktops.

  19. Gabriel Santos says:

    Could you make a video in regards of DOJO, the JS library???

  20. WebBinary says:

    Only one,

  21. Sagar Thaker says:

    I use three monitors. One for all the excel work and the other two for designing and everyday work.

  22. Kalpesh Panchal says:

    How is this different from any other static generator like Jekyll? I see so many bugs with Vuepress (~v 0.14).

  23. Say Hey says:

    3 monitors at home 2 at work and i‘m begging for a 3‘d at work

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