Using Scrapebox for Local SEO

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Scrapebox is an excellent tool for finding places you can get citations to rank better for local SEO. This is a quick video about how I utilize Scrapebox when doing local SEO for my clients.

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33 Responses

  1. Nitin Saxena says:

    This resource is really good.

  2. Diederik Visser says:

    HI There. I am going to be buying scrapebox in the next couple of days. The information you provided gives me a better understanding of some of the power behind this software. Great tips thank you. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. The SEO Channel says:

    Good simple how to scrapebox

  4. Sandeep Singh says:

    Cool video

  5. Malco Alicea says:

    do i have to manually ad the NAPS??

  6. ThatsRight says:

    This is 2012 video and still rocking 😀 . Keep coming mate..

  7. Stacy Flick says:

    Great tutorial .. Nice share

  8. Terry Cayn says:

    After you complete scraping, do you manually build the citations? Or do you have a software that builds it for you?

  9. Vladimir Kossma says:

    Hello, I use Scrapebox a lot for plenty of things, however I didn´t get your video, I mean… what is the next step after grabbing these 47 URLS (what exactly do you mean by "getting a citation"… I understand these sites already include the addresses you looked for, right?)??? I really hope you can answer, and thank you!

  10. Marco Arango says:

    Very practical and clever way of using an otherwise blackhat-ish tool to do whitehat SEO, my respects.

    I wonder if this method can kill two birds with one stone, or rather, grow two different SEO niche networks (that just so happen to overlap) in half the time by running a campaign focused specifically in the overlapping areas.
    for example a nurse school niche and a hospital niche.
    Any successes or tips would be greatly appreciated +The SEO Pub and thank you for the video

  11. WILLIAM BURKE says:

    Let me know if i can hirenyou

  12. TheMantits27 says:

    use for chaos and god of loki

  13. Matthew Van Dyck says:

    Thanks for the video.  Is this only useful for trying to get your site ranked via google places?  What if you just want an organic search result for 'dentists in Gettysburg'  does this help the organic search results at all?

  14. Moshe Dahari says:

    Great video, thank you i'm just getting into local SEO. After you did the citations that your competitors do, what citations do you use to outrank them?

  15. Pete Kici says:

    Good Job with the video I just bought scrape box and this is a nice add on to the other things it can do

  16. John Hacking says:

    FF to 4:16

  17. pen0rprick says:

    Good video. How would you do this is you were trying to rank a site before you had any clients. And/or you want to have 5 clients per site?

  18. Hudson Hornick says:

    Nice video. But couldn't you just put the citation in quotes into google itself and then see where these citations are coming from?

  19. tart green says:

    Very informative!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 🙂

  20. piffdaddy420 says:

    great advice!  im looking forward to start SEO on my website. unfortunatley my site is always up and down in the rankings. I have a local computer repair business in north jersey. Now with all of these directories that you scraped do you manually enter each one? or is there a feature to automatically post it?  Another question I have is how long does it normally take google to register any SEO that you have done? Say I submit my info to all of the sites, plus use wordpress and other backlinks. How long would it take for google to bump me up on the ranking?  When I used Nohands SEO a while back it took a few months to finally notice a difference in my ranking. Then a few months later my ranking drops. Are backlinks something I need to constantly maintain?  Thanks in advance for the info. 

  21. Dang Bui says:

    Hey, i love your video! What will you do next after finding all the links? Why dont you use scapebox's function to comment to all those sites that you found?
    Dang Bui

  22. Nick Nicholls says:

    Love the video, would like to see other methods that you use for Local seo ranking.

  23. Forrest Schwartz says:

    Cheers for Central PA!

  24. Spook SEO says:

    Thanks for the share! I have to say that the results that the Local SEO can bring to any business is priceless! With how important it is to establish your brand and meet with local prospects, failing to capitalize on local SEO is detrimental to a business’s success.

  25. seosauce says:

    great idea for finding links etc

  26. D P says:

    For those familiar with SB, he gets to the point at 6:30 🙂

  27. Brandon Michael says:

    Dude, your reacting @7:30 is priceless!

  28. jakeski says:

    What if the top 10 websites do not have their address on their homepage? Do I just get it from the googe maps area? Thanks

  29. seosauce says:

    scrapebox is a great tool if used wisely!!

  30. The SEO Pub says:


  31. mrizos says:

    Awesome, amazing tutorial! Thanks sooooo much.

  32. cpupark says:

    Good Information. thanks

  33. The SEO Pub says:

    Other than that, as many local links as you can get will certainly help.

    You may want to find a similar business in another town that also is not using a physical address but is ranking well, and see what they are doing. That would actually be the first place I would start.

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