The NEW Best Way to Build a 1×1 in Fortnite! (Tips and Tricks)

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• Tips and Tricks on Fortnite Battle Royale! I discuss the safest way to build a 1×1 with Pyramids, and many other advanced & pro strategies/tactics!
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29 Responses

  1. coolcole06 says:

    Perfect for what I was looking for

  2. David Crowley says:

    Its very helpful please make more ehhh.

  3. Austin Copeland says:

    For the trick at 3:01 instead of editing the pyramid like Nick did where the vulnerability is that they can strafe to the side and shoot you (as he demonstrates), I edit two opposite sides of the pyramid and set a floor on top of the Doritos shape and double ramp from there but in the direction where they can't shoot you

  4. FrozenTacozz says:

    1:13 there was a wall built there

  5. Logan Johnson says:

    At 10:35 instead of do I g a 90 you could do this and it could be faster

  6. mad for gaming says:

    Me doing pyramid building
    After an hour enemy jump to my base and dances in front of me and logged out.that was a free win

  7. Ceedbird says:

    Ramp ramp floor

  8. Ceedbird says:

    It takes me like 3 minutes to edit a pyramid

  9. Saints 14 says:

    I loved it please do more

  10. VVK Hatter says:

    you are my fav

  11. FartyMarty says:

    nice vid nick!!!

  12. Damon Strunk says:

    Definitely going to try that one by one and those rushing high ground techniques!! Thanks!

  13. R3D PYTHON 45 says:

    Love these vids

  14. Pipe Bolivar Campanella says:


  15. Mark themonster says:

    Maybe when your rushing someone and you get hit from behind you could build a wall and rotate it like you did and then build around you?

  16. Ben Masta says:

    omg this is looks so annoying to do that i would rather just lose the match lmao

  17. PJ Says says:

    can u make a video for slow builders that is effective against fast builders bcuz not everyone has a gaming mouse or can play with high sensitivity. Some players are new and don't know how to defend against fast pro builders!

  18. Dankri Jk says:

    This is good for ps4

  19. Uri Macuil says:

    Who's seeing this cus' now the edits in console are better?

  20. knager10 says:

    ramp ramp floor

  21. Branko Ter says:

    i was screaming in myself

  22. Seyhak Sim says:


  23. Seyhak Sim says:

    Amazing tips Nack

  24. Thaddeus Leo says:

    keep it up

  25. Baby Sunlight says:

    More tekniques pls!!!! I enjoy this and this makes good at building more

  26. The S2 Freestylers says:

    Bring out more techniques plz

  27. Ben Purshouse says:

    Thx nick

  28. Selfication says:

    This is my fav ASMR video. No jk.

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