The Best Way to Suck at Marketing Rand Fishkin Whiteboard Friday

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Sometimes we can forget when marketing that we are dealing with real people. In todays Whiteboard Friday Rand discusses marketing for long term success and moving away from transactional marketing.

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17 Responses

  1. GOLDEN BIRD says:

    m planning to get into this coz I love marketing but don't know where to execute this moves .. I mean the platform?

  2. Litespeed Construction says:


  3. Deepika Padia says:

    Amazing videos!!! I am a big follower of whiteboard friday… very informative it helps lots of us

  4. Carlos Raluy says:

    This is a video that every marketer should watch like every other month

  5. Nick Mate says:

    Wish everyone would have this mindset….life lesson into 8 minutes.
    What's in it for me is the worst approach in IM, I would always choose the Brian Tracy's approach: Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, 'What's in it for me?…and not just in the "money world" but in the life in general.

  6. Amir Shingray says:

    Ethical + smart marketing– way to go Rand.

  7. Roy Murray says:

    Thanks a lot Rand. This is excellent. I will be sharing it with my colleagues in our digital marketing department.

  8. Gio Nailati says:

    Very well put thank you! Would love to see some of your tips on specifically marketing music in the future.

  9. Ramon Ray says:

    Rand thanks for sharing so valuable and informative…thanks!

  10. Alex Lemoing says:

    This is one of the best insight video I have seen in a long time. 
    Made me realized that even with the best intention in the world, we may be sometimes shooting ourselves in the foot. 

  11. Gabriel Nwatarali says:

    "The prostitution of marketing" lol

  12. Moritz W. says:

    The first example that comes to my mind is Electronic Arts..

  13. Craig Cherlet says:

    Marketing is about building authentic relationships. It can't be said enough. It's people that click BUY, not robots.

    Marketers need to think and act like the general store oweners from the 1930's. Use technology to interact authentically and efficiently and don't try to automate relationship management to remove the humans.

    Great vid Rand.

    "Seek comon ground with every relationship."

  14. Sean Hodges says:

    Your views such just stop.

  15. Doran Baker says:

    Rand is great, Love all of your videos… Keep it up!!!

  16. arsxs04 says:

    Great title, I usually skip your videos but this title is unique, got me interested.

  17. Mark Chadwick says:

    I found this very insightful, and the topic is extremely important. However, the title is poor. So poor, that I can't bring myself to share it because it won't make any sense to anyone. Please guys, you're the SEO experts–you can do better.

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