The Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugin for YOU?

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These are three different, but very good wordpress chat plugins. They all have pros and cons, so watch the video and decide for yourself.

Stop leaving money on the table:

Chat – Live Chat, Support, Sales –
Zopim Live Chat –
Tidio Live Chat –

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24 Responses

  1. cat luva says:

    I have the Tidio plugin and love it. It's simple to set up and has a great Mobil app.

  2. Ashraf Songal says:

    I found your video on Chatter cam crusher – there's lots awesome videos there that will help out

  3. Edmundo Dante says:


  4. Muhammad Shabbir Hassan says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum

    Remove music and girls ads and from videos not allowed in Islam

    Read Quran, ALLAH your creator is talking with you

    Follow Islam because there is no salvation without Islam

  5. Zotabox Marketing Tools says:

    Hi WP LightBulb, do you know about our free Messenger Live Chat WordPress Plugin? Messenger updated their chat plugin so you can view your WHOLE conversation with your customer on your website. You can get this tool and 15 other free forever tools such as contact form, social buttons, popups etc at or Please let us know if you have any comments.

  6. Graham Smart says:

    Another great one is

  7. Alexander Bryan says:

    Great! Also try live chat from Deskun, good solution too. Check it

  8. Mercy gilda says:

    Thank You..

  9. textchx says:

    Love to know more about this

  10. Wolfgang Ertl says:

    nice video

    if you are looking for a live-chat with bot-functionality i could recommend weebot

    it is a live chat which can remember your answers and predefined answer can be defined

  11. NhậtNgữ Himawari says:

    i dont have business plan, will it work?

  12. Jakob Norris says:

    Thanks bro

  13. Doeye Hof says:

    Very helpful!! Thanks

  14. sinead oconnor says:

    There is also 82 Live Chat, this is a one off license fee of $18 and integrates with MailChimp and offers browser Notifications:

  15. Eddy Caspers says:

    Zopim homepage load time goes from 6.5s to 12.3s… 6 additional seconds is a deal-breaker.

  16. Moin Shaikh says:

    hi there, in Zopin Chat when we're using a free version as you say that it allows us to chat with one person at a time. So what happens to the other people is they queue up with a message, if they ping us so it still be retrievable or not.

  17. Julia Jul says:

    Thanks for very valuable information about Chat plugins. I bought already chat plugin which helped me to decide much problem in site regarding sales of my shop. It plugin realy increase sales. I recommend

  18. ChatNox says:

    Hello! Please review too if you intend to review newer products 🙂
    Our wordpress plugin can be found at

  19. Syed Jamal Rizvi says:

    Thanks bro you help me a lot in making a free chat room for my client website..

  20. Roman Kozłowski says:

    Nice! If any of you guys are trying to grow a community centered around your site, you might wanna try Chatwee, which is a group chat widget with public and private conversations option. Super easy to install on WP and comes with a free version too.

  21. gioknows says:

    Very good video…greetings from your newest subscriber in Ottawa, Canada.

  22. Heider Souza says:

    Thanks =) lets see if the tidio works

  23. Somali Translators & Interpreters says:

    Thanks for the great explanation. Very good video!

  24. Earth Mars says:

    hello can you tell me are those pugins free?

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