StewRat “MOZ” (Inception video)

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Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” mixed with the StewRat track “MOZ” .

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14 Responses

  1. estylz1967 says:

    a classic!

  2. Marlon Fuller says:

    Stewrat and hugoredrose… both amazing.

  3. cperception says:

    love your music dude. so much feeling in it. damn…

  4. zilveRug says:

    Reminds me of the Megaman Battle network soundtrack. Just thought I'd put that out there.

  5. Reece says:

    me n my friends watch it stoned all the time. the track and clip truly are amazing

  6. cinebar2011 says:

    Interesting mix….

  7. HugoRedRose says:

    @fated2pretend Thanks for your honest and interesting comment. It's a fair point you're making about using recent movies to do vids, something I was kind of keen to avoid… until now. It's true that this one does not play on a retro-referential pov as most of my other vids do, but felt this wonderful track by StewRat needed a different approach. Glad you like it and, again thanks for your feedback.

  8. fated2pretend says:

    To tell the truth Hugo, I was sort of slow to get into this video because you used such a recent movie for the visuals. I liked Inception but most of your other videos use popular classics, and this one just felt out of place. Then after listening to MOZ on soundcloud I fell in love with it and in turn fell in love with your video and realized how well executed this was. Another great video. 😉

  9. Moonchild Official says:

    Love it, but the aspect ratio is totally throwing me off.

  10. intensityxc says:

    @torukojinkubi oh shit, sry i disliked your comment. 😀

  11. torukojinkubi says:

    the arrangement of music and video clips is EPIC WIN

  12. SteewRat says:

    gives me chills. please make more. I will send you free mp3s if you want.

  13. Teledysk says:

    Great 1 Hugo… OUTSTANDING music :O)

  14. waggawagga says:

    so freaking awesome. perfect blend of visuals and music.

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