Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

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Today we will show you how to climb on second tallest building in the world. Shanghai Tower, China.

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Music: N’to – Trauma (Worakls Remix)

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32 Responses

  1. Afdlin Afwan says:

    You guys are insane

  2. Ng Kai xin says:

    My hands and legs are all soft now

  3. Fazz Gaming says:

    This reminds me of The brigde at "The sacrifice" in l4d

  4. toy uchiha says:

    5:20 i cant breath

  5. Abhishek Tirlotkar says:

    you are the real hero's

  6. yvon malette says:

    no no no no no

  7. Owen P Lackore says:

    Jump off….. You wont no balls

  8. Lionel Messi says:

    내 불알이 쪼그라드네

  9. Омуралиев Суйнуч says:

    орус ойуна келет дегендей….
    тушуп кетсен мээн жайылып калат

  10. N4XTY says:

    December 2018…..

  11. Khan Bhai says:

    No value for life

  12. GUNA Honor says:

    O my god

  13. k kishor Kumar says:

    I am Justin beiber fan…give me a like

  14. 张恒 says:


  15. mann martinez says:

    you dum ass

  16. Тамир Бальжинимаев says:

    А что русских нет? Ставьте лайк если вы тут а то как то стрёмно одни американцы

  17. eldi zulmi says:

    Fucking …fucking

  18. Ri0tz says:

    fucking russians

  19. Franklin Z says:

    wtf is this????!!!!

  20. Dr. Albert Kerman says:

    Normal people: he's crazy

    Me: gotta go to Shanghai

  21. Lusca Nuttela says:

    Aqui no brasil nois escala caixa d'gua

  22. Batuhan Lothbrook says:

    Daşşağım sızlaya sızlaya izledim

  23. Wess Johnson says:

    Some people climb mountains others skyscrapers. And more people have died climbing mountains.. way more. But my respect for both.

  24. jiwana abimanyu says:

    idk but I can't feel my penis when I watching this

  25. Carl Clark says:

    Absolutely amazing and courageous, one thing that does worry me is the appalling states that some of the new sky scrapers at high levels, I applaud each and every Free Climber out there, when I was fit several years ago I could climb with all the tackle it is easy and safety is there in your hands I have tried and am ok, the free climbing I am sure I could get up there it is the coming down I would have problems with, lol.

  26. Ryan T says:

    Not for all the money in the world.

  27. PL46U3 says:

    Now jump off

  28. 임떡정 says:


  29. Killerskull Profi says:

    Это пиздец

  30. van比利 says:


  31. Brant Hovaa says:

    For some reason this motivates me, like people really out here climbing towers? I can’t even climb out of bed.

  32. My Tubee says:


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