SEO Tutorial in Tamil #1:: Karthik

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Basic SEO Stuffs & Introduction about SEO in Tamil.

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15 Responses

  1. Keerthana content says:

    hi sir,
    I am doing SEO on last 3 month for my new site but that was not indexed by google, how to proceed, give me a few tips.

  2. Bala Ganesan says:

    Sound quality poor

  3. Saranya Jothi says:

    sir please upload all the vedios…vry nice explanation…

  4. TechLeadsMe GoldCoins says:

    not audible

  5. Lavanya Ganesh says:

    Hii karthik,i want to know the major difference between google,yahoo&bing

  6. Rajiv Shatriyan says:

    Nice explanation karthick where is the next videos still waiting ?

  7. Nandhana Nandhana says:

    voice too low.but useful.

  8. Siva Kumar says:

    yuor voice was too low……but good video thanks for your great effort can you give your number or email id 8122707181

  9. Selvam M says:

    it's wonderful tutorial and need to increase volume

  10. chandru sekar says:

    good…. but clarity is needed …. 

  11. Philippine Outsourcers says:

    Thanks for this video. I understand it so well. Just a little audio enhancements please.

  12. தகவல் அறியும் உரிமை சட்டம் says:

    i like these video thanks for your great effort can you give your number or email id my 9486590317

  13. Kamalakannan Vijayakumar says:

    i like you slow teaching

  14. reach2arunprakash says:

    gud job dude…can increase your vol

  15. Vijay Kumar says:

    Your voice was too low…

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