Sell Beats Online 2018: Beatstars Pro Page vs WordPress Beat Site Review

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In this video I will be talking about how to sell beats online in 2018 using a beat site. I will be reviewing Beatstars Pro Page 2 vs WordPress beat site. If you are starting to sell beats online then stay tuned and watch this video to the very end.

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13 Responses

  1. IFE RA says:

    Hey bro i have a wix site got a domain but i cant publish because i don't understand how to get the licencing information for my site? i've embedded my beat star player but it would be more expensive on beat stars than my wix page

  2. KARN BEATS says:

    Hey man great vids !
    My email pop form on my pro page 2 isn't working ! Like it don't send out any automatic email to subscribers v

  3. beatsxtrell says:

    illuminati confirmed! hahaha

  4. HottRoundzProduction says:

    What's the difference between beatstars pro page 1 and 2?

  5. The Beatz Game says:

    Thanx for the video… bro can u please do a complete tutorial about creating a beatstar from the scratch. That covers uploads; pricing; domain; mailchamp; etc… a complete one for someone like me who never had a website… if you have already done it please send me the link… Thanx!

  6. jah beatline says:

    Smh just seen it lol

  7. jah beatline says:

    I would like to email..i have alot of Q: also would like to collaborate

  8. Nuggifresh says:

    You left out most key elements but overall a decent video

  9. Nuggifresh says:

    Can you make meta tags and titles in propage 2.0 for each page ?

  10. Bryan says:

    I couldn't find the graphic designer you mentioned at 1:50

  11. Joey Mekkah says:

    very helpfull Bro, I wish you abundance in all of your endeavors.

  12. AyKayKing says:

    0:06 the beat playing in the background is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…just came across your channel bro, thanks for these knowledge bombs u dropping

  13. GreenFingaz says:

    great info. keep going

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