Ranking Every Item in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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Ranking Every Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Ultimate ►

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48 Responses

  1. Nathaniel Bandy says:

    Download Amino and join me in the Smash community for my AMA!

    iPhone and Google Play: https://aminoapps.onelink.me/4eRt/BandySmash

    Follow Me: Nathaniel Bandy

  2. Joshua Yutronkie says:

    Welp guys I guess Nathaniel bandy hates smash balls be çause there no where on the list

  3. PORKYanimating says:

    I LOVE smart bombs

  4. Danny Kim says:

    I saw metal Ridley from smash bros brawl

  5. Shiny Blastoise says:

    12:22 I don't think you mash a I think it's x or y but a haven't tried with a

  6. 420lol says:

    Rip the fan

  7. Joey Backman says:

    0:44 starts the video, you can thank me later.

  8. montydoesgames says:

    You forgot an extra thing for Green Shell: You can jump on it to make it move like jumping on a Goomba in Super Mario Bros.

  9. Michael Langfitt says:

    Bobbo? Bob Oum? Baw Beau?

  10. Matt Jones says:

    I actually really like the boomerang. It starts week, but after every throw it gets stronger.

  11. Tichondrius says:

    Who expected smash ball to be on number one?

  12. G G says:

    You can attack early with the Warp Star.

  13. TheBaconator3000 says:

    Pitfall spikes when in the air

  14. The Sonic Maniac says:

    Once I used the warp star and rocketed down to the bottom of the stage by accident (CPU won btw)

  15. Ocean man says:

    Isn't the soccar ball from super mario strikers?

  16. Tox Box says:

    1:54 Nathaniel is a furry cofirmed

  17. MewNinjASTR UX says:

    This list is so frickin ironic! In your "How Smash 4 Triggers You" video, you said it CLEARLY that you hate Gust Bellows and Ore Clubs (#1 and #2 respectively) being used against you. THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!

  18. Robby Bellas says:

    puts Mr. Saturn at 69

  19. Quan Homie says:

    hey mr.Bandy

  20. 666 says:

    le epic smash game

  21. syre says:

    Your videos sound way too planned. You can really tell you’re reading off a script. You sound like you’re presenting to the public.

  22. Jackson Foley says:

    Did he say you probably aren’t getting out of beetle are you kidding If you can mash decently well that thing isn’t killing you

  23. JustSome Guy says:

    RIP Fan, you will be missed

  24. scpterrarian2030 says:

    I enjoy instantly taking a stock when I hit an enemy directly with a pitfall when they are not on stage

  25. Michael Brown says:

    Gust Item Number 1# I completly AGREE

  26. alex waterfield 2 says:

    rank all mario kart items ever(besides arcade ones) please

  27. Chaos Dragon Lord says:

    BOOMERANG IS AMAZING!!! You can make awesome combos! It’s so cool!

  28. Ripjaw says:

    Wow, great video! I needed to see another ranking video in my life(obvious sarcasm), but this one was different because of Nathaniel's sense of humor. By the way, I have a small gaming channel. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUsVjOAmRV4TBBcqjsmXUsw

  29. fraCadde 2301 says:

    Why don't you rank every character next?

  30. Rene Lopez says:

    Melee overrated, Ultimate superior. (TRIGGERED MELEE FANS INCOMING!)

  31. Jase Kemke says:

    Apparently 50% isnt alot of dmg… Hmmm

  32. SirPants III says:

    The only tier list that matters

  33. Sapphire Sheep says:

    You should rank every characters smash alts from worst to best.

  34. Cado Craft says:

    I really like you

  35. Random Gamer says:

    8:54 I know another nut that don’t play around wink wink

  36. pizzer69 Sample Text says:

    Today's Sponsor "I use discord not Amino"

  37. Pablo Sena says:

    On a 1v1, specially using Peach on a competitive match, Mr.Saturn is amazing

  38. David Burke says:

    I got amino

  39. Carlos Martinez says:

    Can i call you from amino

  40. RR Exploring says:


  41. Sir Communist says:

    You should play Super Mario Bros Super Show 64

  42. My name is GeffyJeffy says:

    6:09 BOB O

  43. Firedragon 64 says:

    Do newer bros Wii or newer bros Wii u if the if u came out

  44. gifzzWerk says:

    Half of these were 5x better in Brawl

  45. WEEZI_Cheif _ says:

    2:34 amirite lads or amirite lads

  46. Iska Mag says:

    that video was SO inacccurate

  47. Goh Jing Xuan says:

    I dare you to do this hardest challenge ever, make why is the virtual boy


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