Radioactive Boy Scout – How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor

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Think a teenager can’t build a nuclear breeder reactor without getting caught? Think again. David Hahn, aka the Radioactive Boy Scout, was able to easily collect radioactive and highly dangerous materials to experiment with nuclear energy. Just when you think the story can’t get crazier, it does.

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41 Responses

  1. Thomas Ryan says:

    Chemistry that lead to love for manufacturing meth. Look at those meth scabs.

  2. Gabriel Mora says:

    The lesson is you could get away with this shit if you're white.

  3. Radrob Crameri says:

    But that’s his passion

  4. Yournextdoorgamer withgames says:

    Eagle Scouts are fucking scary

  5. Colin Davis says:

    You sure he died of alcohol poisoning, he looks like he did a little meth.

  6. BL λMO says:

    Holy shit get off my cock YouTube

  7. Gamers Arts says:

    well… i dont like to read books, so i'm innocent

  8. The Dank Swordsman says:

    That kid needed to be nurtured by professionals. Who knows what he could have achieved.

  9. anti ginomai says:

    Nuclear shennong put tea on his ding dong, so all the doomed world can can sing along,
    God made an entire continent,
    Of people who didn't do nothing wrong,
    Ebola came around to right the wrong, but white man saves the day,
    So it can spread everywhere,
    Twice as strong,
    Praise Jesus

  10. Lost Floppy says:

    Jimmy neutron +Dexter's laboratory+ Real Life= Radioactive boyscout…

  11. Nick Guerra says:

    I take it this guy has no Mom or father that told him if you don't push yourself you'll never go far

  12. Jrmakas Vaiphei says:

    I myself is studying nuclear chemistry I actually encounter lots of unranium and radium element in my experiments its a very diffuclt i and dangerous element to coped with

  13. theMelvinShow says:

    the dude was 15, yet you expect him to think like an adult
    teenagers are fucking stupid

  14. Chris Cardona says:

    This guy doesn’t understand that when a guy as gifted as that who loves conducting experiments like that can be a perfectly good thing, if in the right environment.

  15. Beltrán Sala says:

    Jeez everybody hates this video

  16. Yorgan Yog says:

    13:03 I spot Bill Gates sneaking….

  17. Jessie Simene says:

    The narrator's a freaking douche lol

  18. Franc Von Villion says:

    I think that the narrator is afraid of nuclear energy

  19. Josiah Araki says:

    How has some nut not set off a home made nuclear bomb by now?

  20. 7th Cain says:

    The narrorater seems offended. Oh my bajeebers.

  21. 50 50 says:

    His name is Chernobyl smith, HE GRADUATED TOP OF HIS CLASS.

  22. Kordy says:

    I am sad that CzechoSlovakians just gave him that Uranium.I am from Slovakia and I'm filled with shame.

  23. Spodyman says:

    whats next ?
    Kid makes nuclear bomb ?

  24. Sw33tN1ghtMare - says:

    Wow, He was a BADASS omg I wish I could do that, like wow

  25. NothingbutMR2 says:

    There is a movie called The Manhattan Project. I wonder if its based on that story.

  26. Daniel says:

    Shouldn't have locked him up, should've given him a job at a proper job, poor guy probably would still be alive now and not died an alcoholic looking like a junky.

  27. thebuzzcjc says:

    This guy should have taken formal education (and basic safety training) in college and been a chemist or nuclear engineer.

  28. Baba Yaga says:


  29. Devin Finnerty says:

    He's David fucking Hahn!!

  30. ThatOneDuck says:

    “He was David freaking Hahn,he was an Eagle Scout”

  31. the big cheese says:


  32. Aimenn Penny says:

    You're and entitled little shit, aren't you?

  33. Natty Games says:

    Not school shooting school nukeing hahaha

  34. Bolbi Stroganovsky says:

    this dude fucking wHAT

  35. Letty Resendiz says:

    Give them guys a noble price

  36. Cat Ilott says:

    This fuckin narrator

  37. Gregory Vancuren says:

    The narrator sounds like a douche.

  38. Jared Perret says:

    Died from alcohol huh? Ummm.. Thats called meth.

  39. Rob Rod says:

    Why are you making it seem like nuclear energy isn’t a positive for our world? Its much cleaner than oil or coal, and much safer than most people believe. Stop propagating the idea that nuclear energy is bad. It isnt.

  40. MoMo Baklava says:

    All the time and energy David spent building this as a kid… u can tell he was on heavy daily doses of Adderal. As he got older Adderal turned to Meth, leading him to his mugshot, covered in Meth scabs.

  41. Jack Frost says:


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