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Page speed of the website is the time taken by it to load. It plays an important role in the ranking of the website. Hence, it is important to optimize the page speed of a website. To check the page speed there are multiple free tools available online. Tool like Google page insight, yslow, gtmatrix analyse the page and provide suggestions to optimize page speed.

n this video tutorial, we have explained what page speed is and how to optimize it with the help of page speed checker tools.

In this video tutorial, we have discussed the difference between the local listing and classified listing. Also how to do classified ads submission.

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  1. arpit gautam says:

    When will upcoming videos will come

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    may i eligible for working in digital marketing as a fresher if i done it your this course mam . this course is sufficient for as a fresher in digital marketing plz reply i waiting for your ans mam thnks

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    thanks 🙂

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    i watch it your video one by one i like it your way of teaching

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    How to increase page speed??

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