PA & DA in SEO | Which Google Actually Counts? | Bangla Tutorial

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Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) is the major ranking factors of Google these days. But, which actually Google counts? I say, which one Google looks for while ranking a website?

Check this video to know about my personal assumptions here:

Comment below if you have any questions regarding PA and DA.



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10 Responses

  1. kadir patwary says:

    vai DA ta ki oita ii to bollen naa..

  2. I Am For You says:

    i am so happy for you

  3. M. RASED HOSSAIN says:

    Vai ,Ami Email Formats er Kaj ta Sikhte Cai ,
    Jodi Amni Help krten .
    & ArVin Ridom fb ID theke massage ,to plz inboxe Apner number Ta Den

  4. Galib Hosen says:

    vai ami apnar onkgulo video dekhesi. ami apnar kas theke seo ahikte chai and amr site er seo korate chai. apnar kono contact information dile valo hoto.

  5. Abdus Sobur says:


  6. Md Omar Faruk says:

    DA barabo kivabe?

  7. Bangla Tricks 99 says:

    vai, what is DA ? setai to bollen na, video ta valo laglo na.

  8. Sourav Khan says:


  9. Chiranjit Kumar Das says:

    Good but Keyword Planer aa Accurate Search Volume Dekbo Kivabe akon To Range A Dakai (10-100)

  10. habib shakil says:

    check ur email

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