Newspaper theme wordpress free download v9.2.2 full activation 2019 (Method 2)

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newspaper 9.2.2 free download updated of 2019

This video is second part of Newspaper 9 registration if you still not watch my first video so watch this first

If registration fail after installation that file then do this process

click here to download Newspaper 9:

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18 Responses

  1. Theme in Box says:

    hi guys i have uploaded so many themes on my channel so its difficult for me to find new update
    plz tell me if a new version of this theme or plugin has been established, i will renew and upload latest version
    Plz comment below for latest version of this theme

    If you find any error or this theme or plugin isn't working well please inform me i will solve this problem for you
    thank you for watching

  2. Practical Guru says:

    Is Newspaper 9 Theme Main Virus Hai….

  3. olami olamide says:

    Thanks bro this really works for me!!!

  4. Sultan Mirza says:

    The theme is not getting installed… It's showing Try Once Again evey time

  5. JihadFar-flungTv says:

    My problem is when i click on " active the theme manually " its not open that window like u on 02:53

  6. How To Electronics says:

    Thanks brother it worked 100%

  7. Talha Rasheed says:

    bro this method is not working on live server

  8. Decorate Future says:

    thank u so much brother

  9. Bilinmeyenler Kanalı says:

    very very good, its workin

  10. HICHAM HB says:

    great work 100/100 thanks body

  11. موقع أرباح نت says:

    that work fine thank you man I subscrub great contente

  12. ChartSmart says:

    I am unable to find mobile theme plugin inside this. please help

  13. Strange° says:

    Can you help me?

  14. The National Times says:

    Bhai new update aa gyi h but theme update nhi ho rhi h

  15. Kannada Blogger says:


  16. Victor Patiño says:

    It Works fine !!!.. Thank you very much !

  17. Mr. Gamer says:

    While installing theme, it says link is expired . In WordPress

  18. Ana Sam says:

    i got error internal server after in newspaper 9. Please help

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