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Should you optimize your text for the search term ‘dancing shoes’ or ‘ballet shoes’? With Yoast SEO premium you’ll now be able to do both! Our new premium analysis feature recognizes different word forms (e.g. plurals) and takes into account synonyms and related keywords! This is the closest to Google’s algorithm you will get with a WordPress plugin!

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4 Responses

  1. Peach Perfect Weddings says:

    In the video the guys said "automatically detect different forms of your focus keyphrase". I believe this is not correct. I believe it is just plurals at the moment.
    Can you please confirm, if it is ONLY the plural forms that Yoast recognizes AUTOMATICALLY, or some others too, and if yes, which specifically?
    Because what I tested in Yoast 9.0, it is just the plurals. To make Yoast consider all other forms in it's analysis, you have to manually put them as Synonyms.
    I mean if Yoast can do it …wow, good job guys, honestly. Because human language is messy. Yoast is a great tool, but we need to know it's limitations and not trust blindly, that it understand that "get married in Italy" is more or less the same as "getting married in Italy". It does not.

  2. Odette Jacquet says:

    Great video! What software and camera did you use to make it?

  3. Scott Bryant says:

    this looks good

  4. bestonlineresults says:

    Turn on Closed Captioning for this video. Otherwise, you will miss some of the info provided in the voice over due to the background noise, chomping, and music.

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