Millionaire White Hat SEO Shares His Secrets To Ranking #1 | Nathan Gotch (GOTCH SEO) Interview

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The title is not clickbait. Nathan is actually a very successful SEO and all of his services are “white hat” – at the end of the day, there is a ton of SEO strategies that just don’t work anymore.

The video mainstream marketers don’t want you to watch:

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16 Responses

  1. Ruan M. Marinho says:

    Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed todays video 🙂 As always, leave a comment with your thoughts so I can help guide you. – Cheers

  2. Shehryar Aziz says:

    18:30 – Does that mean we shouldn't work with small business clients? Aww that hurts!

  3. Yudi says:

    And now you teach noobs to buy links on fiverr? Lmao

  4. 丘杰 says:

    Looks like writing long content is the most efficient way to rank

  5. JLC Marketing says:

    How do you get people to the site to see if they like it if google isn't ranking it or it's on page 4 where nobody looks?

  6. Aidan Brotherhood says:

    This is a brilliant bit of content, thank you Ruan!

  7. Jalai Lama says:

    Does a smaller YouTube Channel get link juice from google when a large YouTube Channel subscribes?


    Brilliant article and information for people working in SEO and the keyword tools that are

  9. cracking the world says:

    thnx buddy for all the tips 😀

  10. Seo Marketing Club says:

    Great insight on SEO Nathan thank you for sharing.

  11. mark job says:

    Link bait is near on impossible!!! Contacts is what it should really be called . I have tons and tons of great content but it really does depend on who you know in the industry to get those links.

  12. Paul J McAuliffe says:

    Good Idea doing these Interviews with Top Ranked successful SEO guys. keep doing them get as a many Top Name guys as you can. Our buddy Daryl as you know does a lot of these, actually how I found Him..  Hey why don't you Interview Daryl & he can do you also…    I be Interested & sure your students will be. I have learned A LOT just listening to these type of Interviews. Don't like to read but love Videos like this     GREAT JOB BOOS KEEP IT UP       ME !!!!!

  13. Nathan Gotch says:

    Thanks for having me on Ruan! I had a blast geeking out about SEO 😛

  14. John Bennett says:

    Good good stuff!!!

  15. Limited Freedom Clothing Co. says:

    Always great content… luv what you do… thank you….

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