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Keyword Golden Ratio Masterclass

Keyword Golden Ratio SUCCESS STORIES

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How do you deal with KW cannibalization?

How many words should I have per section for the Perfect Amazon Review?

1 – I have a niche that tends to update products every year. My site has about 30 different pages that describe these products (approximately 90-100 descriptions). Not sure if you have run into this, but do you update each of these pages when new products are released? I feel like that is bogging me down right now especially if I do more!

2 – Similar to the above, in my niche there are a few dominant products that do well for a variety of purposes. Let’s say Product-XYZ fits the bill for 5 of my pages based on their respective keyword. Do you describe the product in 5 different ways?

I am new to internet marketing. I have read and listened to a lot of information. Finally, it seems like I have found some “good” content that is helpful and practical. Just recently found your KGR template. This is a strange concern and none of my business. However, if everyone starts to use this method, will it still be effective? I know it could bring great financial rewards for you personally in the short term. But, if it stops working it’s pointless. I truly feel that to be successful in this business, one has to find their own “angle” to ranking and traffic. Any comments are appreciated.

DOUG CUNNINGTON, PMP writes about SEO, productivity, project management, and niche sites. His work has been featured all over the web, including Ahrefs, Empire Flippers, Niche Pursuits, Side Hustle Nation and more.

I am an internet marketer and a Project Management Professional (PMP).

FAQs –
Site Design and Hosting
-What’s the best WP theme?
-Do you recommend any of the themes specifically built for Amazon affiliate sites?
-Should I use a page builder?
-What do you think of Thrive?
-Which hosting provider should I use for my Amazon Affiliate Site?
-Do you use a table plugin? Which one?
-What plugins do you use?

“Permission” Questions
-Should I start an Amazon Affiliate Site? It seems like there are so many out there already?
-I found a great keyword but the search volume is 5,000 per month. Should I go for it?

Amazon Affiliate Site Questions
-How Much Do Niche Sites Earn with Amazon Associates?
-How many posts do I need before I launch my niche site?
-How often should I post content for my site?
-How long should the content be on affiliate sites?
-Is it ok to publish multiple posts at once?
-Do you use other affiliate programs?
-Do you use Amazon images?
-Where should I put affiliate links?
-Do you cloak Amazon affiliate links?
-What is the Amazon Associate Disclaimer that I should use?
-Do you use sidebars on your site?
-The Amazon Associate Report looks wrong or hasn’t been updated — what gives?

Onsite SEO Questions
-How many affiliate links should I have in each article?
-What’s the best keyword density? Or how many times should I use a keyword in my post?
-The Yoast SEO Plugin tells me to use a keyword X% of the time. What should I do?
-How many subheadings (H2 and H3) should I use?
-How many H1 tags should I use?
-Should I use a silo structure on my site?
-What’s the best template for an Amazon Affiliate Review?

Offsite SEO Questions
-What is the Google Sandbox and is it real?
-What are dofollow links?
-What are nofollow links? Do nofollow links help?
-How many links do I need to rank for a keyword?
-How do you do guest posting?

Keyword Research Questions
-What is KGR?
-I found a great KW but the volume is over 250, should I still write a post?
-What if 2 KGR Terms are similar? What should I do?
-How can I improve ranking for a KGR post?
-I think the Keyword Golden Ratio is great. Where can I learn more?

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6 Responses

  1. Simple Man says:

    I like the long videos! We can always use more useful info!

  2. Xanderin says:

    hey great video i have a question i've been using amazon affiliation for a little while and i've been noticing i've been getting a few click here and there by checking on my account and its been making me wonder why isn't anyone buying anything so i decided to run a test and send a link to someone i know and ask them to buy it and for some reason even when they bought it through my link i didn't receive and of the commission do you have any ideas thank you for any replys =)

  3. Thane's Business says:

    hey doug, 45 minutes is a much more consumable time fyi. i do everything in double speed but would prefer to watch 22 minutes than 1 hour. re grammerly. i have started using the open source it's probably not as good but would prefer that than to have all sorts of software on my computer. if anybody knows of a better open source solution let me know

  4. J YH says:

    If anyone prefers a 10 minute video with a fast talking kid claiming marketing mastery there are many choices.

    I prefer the relaxed pace. The vids can meander and there’s lots of repeat Qs across weeks/months (bc you always have new ppl in, which is a good thing). But sometimes a new angle or helpful idea on a topic we generally know suddenly appears. We’re panning for gold and these are nuggets.

    How bout more screen time for Georgie tho? Could spice things up..

  5. Joe Foucciano says:

    Good stuff as usual. I have used Grammarly for a while now and I don't know how I ever lived without it. I think that the new method you are using in the first 5 minutes of the video was very good and tackfull. Also, I use your KGR method in a real-world setting for my WP software company as well as affiliate marketing.

  6. nxo ovo says:

    hi Doug, do you have a schedule, i keep missing these and would really like to take part in the next one, thanks

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