Local NAP Listing and Ranking Tips for 2019

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Local SEO is a marketing strategy on the rise, and NAP is a vital part of it. What is NAP? It’s short for Name, Address and Phone number. In this video, we go over the details of NAP and NAP citations, how to get them set up for your sites so that Google will find them, and why it’s so important to have NAP citations for all your sites. We talk about how Google uses NAP citations as a component of its ranking and listing results. Because rule number one in online marketing these days is finding a way to get higher on Google search results. We talk about Google Business Page (GMB) and why is essential to register your business there with your NAP information. We talk about how to get NAP citations, and why it’s so important for the way Google lists and finds your sites. And finally, we go over strategies to clean up your NAP citations so that there isn’t ever any confusion about the basic detailed information of your business. So if you have websites that need better local SEO, this video is perfect for you.

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