JURASSIC PARK T-Rex – Part 1 – Building an Animatronic Dinosaur

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Building the Animatronic T-Rex for Jurassic Park (pt. 1)

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JURASSIC PARK’s Full-Size Animatronic T-Rex Puppet comes together at Stan Winston Studio. SWS Dinosaur Mechanics, Tim Nordella, Evan Brainard & Richard Landon reveal the mechanical techniques and processes behind building one of the largest, most iconic characters in film history, detailing the groundbreaking creation of the hydraulic metal skeleton that brought the T-Rex to life again after 65 million years.



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38 Responses

  1. the truth says:

    These jp behind the scenes never get old THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS UPLOAD all the special edition vhs dvd blurays don't even have 75% of this footage. I'm definitely hitting the replay button

  2. Donny Baker says:

    When the T-Rex escapes, that is still one of the most tension building scenes I've ever witnessed!! Couldn't have been accomplished if the dino looked unrealistic!

  3. Nagy Tibor says:

    wow ten years ago i have seen a bihend the scenes of Jurassic Park but int hat movie they havent talked about robots, it was telling that it was made by CGI and they talking about how fascinated will be in the future

  4. michael majewski says:

    Practical effects> cgi

  5. EbberDeeMills says:

    One of the most beautiful animatronic creatures ever built. I can't think of any other word to describe it. Simply…beautiful.

  6. DoNNeY XD says:

    1:03 Finally!

  7. melissa gibbs says:

    Thousands of hours of labor for one scene. Wow

  8. Gaj says:

    CGI still looks really bad today, I bet this is no more expensive than the cost of making all that CGI crap that is mostly needless.

  9. Evolved Turtle Productions says:

    I hate it when people say CGI sucks. CGI is bad, yes, but ONLY when it is overused. CGI is good for quick movements like running and jumping, whereas animatronics are good for slow, stationary movements, like looking around, biting(sometimes), roaring, etc. It’s when you use an even mix of the two methods that the effects look amazing.

  10. Yago Franklin says:

    Please Do a behind the scenes Baby t-Rex, how the animatronic process was done without cables, would be quite interesting !! We've already seen the animatronic t-rex the whole process, we want to see the baby t-rex if possible

  11. Blue65Tank says:

    Man I remember in 2010 ish when that footage of the red on set was put up it was like seeing the Holy Grail. Thank you guys for being the first magicians to reveal the tricks!

  12. Alejandr0M says:

    if you like dinosours get your own… https://igg.me/at/trexautomata/x/15171735

  13. oilio says:

    I like dionosaurs

  14. elemileTLDR says:

    That was insane- And insanely good.

  15. Impatiens the Sorry Shmuck says:

    9,000 pounds of huge powerful T-Rex….. YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Lauren Manning says:

    this is so cool!

  17. MrQuader4 says:

    Are you paying attention, filmmakers?
    Yeah, I'm talking to you, Jurassic World!
    THIS is trying!
    THIS is making an effort to make people believe that these effects are not just effects.
    THIS works, CGI doesn't.
    Quit cheaping out.

  18. JDMod789 says:

    Despite that they didn't use realistic animatronic dinosaurs like that again for Jurassic World, It was still an entertaining movie to watch!

  19. thecrazylooser7 says:

    Great job, I came here often to see the hard experience of create something bigger, robot/animatronic dinosaurs always inspired me to make my stuff, best regards!

  20. Simon Rose says:

    please SWS do a video on the animatronic Raptors please.

  21. Vannara Meas says:

    Wonder if jurassic world is gonna use the animaltronics…

  22. Jake Filloth says:


  23. Nova CHEV says:

    How much will this cost? I want one!

  24. Abdullah Saleh says:


  25. ddldarling says:

    LOVE this ❤️

  26. wjin6959 says:

    just WOW!

  27. VK7001.P says:

    now give this thing a brain and a nuclear power plant that fits inside send it to the middle east we never need worry about oil again

  28. Yago Franklin says:

    Hey! place making of the puppy t-rex everybody wants see.
    is an animatronic wireless and interesting, the people who is a fan, we will see the construction of it. eternally fan of stan winston

  29. Katie Klier says:

    I've been wanting to go into special effects makeup and design for some time now..but with the rise of CGI, it's discouraging to see so many movies go towards the computer animated effects. I will always remain a huge fan of the real life special effects..Jurassic Park was one of those movies that inspired me and seeing the behind the scenes making of the creatures just blows my mind.

  30. Sounding7thTrumpet says:

    It's amazing how they were able to make it look so real! Especially being in the early 90's when technology wasn't that advanced.

    This beats CGI anyday!

  31. eenayeah says:


  32. jakobi kornegay says:


  33. EtienneLF says:

    If you haven't seen this already then I recommend you watch, it's not very long, just so it might entice you to have some appreciation: watch?v=sj_pVYY_5ck&t=39s

  34. CosmicChicken34 says:

    Things only look and feel real if they actually are real 🙂 its just a bag of crap if its all CGI

  35. Josh says:

    the way he pronounced velociraptor is just getting to me

  36. you-are-the-pelican-man says:

    Damn, this is a harsh way to find that out. It gets better, man. I promise.

  37. BummerFilms (formerly homer12345678919) says:

    Why can't tv remotes be used to control Animatronics?

    Only a idiot would use tv remotes to make animatronics go spaz out.

  38. Stan Winston School says:

    Of course! We're an online school. Go to our website and check it out. – David

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