JURASSIC PARK III – Building the Spinosaurus Part 1 – BEHIND-THE-SCENES

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Exclusive look at making the Spinosaur for Jurassic Park III
PART TWO here:

The Spinosaur was not only the biggest and heaviest animatronic ever built by the Stan Winston Studios, it was the fastest. “The Spino had to be faster, splashier and better than the T-Rex,” stated engineer Tim Nordella. “The producers wanted something that was going to actually kill the T-Rex, in fact; so it had to be a more formidable character than the T-Rex was.”

Don’t miss this exclusive 2-part excerpt from the Stan Winston Studios – Behind the Scenes Documentary, and watch the creation of the Spinosaur from design and build to on-set dominance.

PART TWO here:

Stan Winston Studios – Behind the Scenes Documentary here:


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20 Responses

  1. The great Gold gamer says:

    in what universe did we need this dinosaur to fight t.rex?!?!?!?!

  2. MARIO GUEVARA says:

    me fan in jurassic park 3

  3. GoldedBird 7 says:

    Look st the size of that

  4. The Inkslicer says:

    I don't get why they never try to make these dinosaurs accurate with every new creature they introduce? Stop spreading misinformation.

  5. SirPerfectful says:

    2:40 Ah! It's a Spinosaurus with horse teeth! Thanks guys! Now I have something to not sleep on tonight.

  6. TheBigRaptorBoi says:

    That is a cool Spinosaurus (cough cough *Oxalaia).

  7. Zain Langille says:


  8. DAVY. J.Y. Art with a pen. says:

    Awesome ūüôā

  9. Riot Breaker says:

    All the JP franchise animatronics are incredible.

  10. El Diffo says:

    I love his design.

  11. FULANODETAL says:

    Spinosaur YOU SUCK…

  12. Daniel Cain says:

    Yet another reason why you should not hate Jurassic Park 3 if you look how much work that they have to do to sit this movie Up

  13. Babydino 303 says:

    This is 1 of my favorite dinosaurs

  14. a-klotz LP says:

    I take 5

  15. Just Some Guy Ok says:

    The more we learn about Spinosaurus the worse this representation becomes. It wasn't just a Trex with a sail. It had much smaller back legs (aquatic adaptation) and would have been horribly our if sorts on land.

  16. CriticalElixir says:

    These dinasaur documentaries are lies. Stop lying 2 our children. 

      Yahweh revealed 2me thsecrets regarding T Rex.

       PART ONE 

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          URANTIA was everyone's favorite planet when our Solar system was heaven.  Dinasaurs were created on it. Dinasaurs on earth were created by Lucifer's people after thwar that destroyed our planets. These videos on You Tube are made by fallen angels. To perpetuate lies, evolution, phony histories, and NEVER mention of Most High God creator.  

         Basically, God had 14 children. Each child designed a planet. ThLords was Venus. Satans became our asteroid belt. Satan was God's 1st son, Lords elder of 2 million years. 

    ¬† ¬† ¬† When Halayel ("Lucifer") invented money in heaven, he enforced a chip and used camps & torture like Hitler. He released dimensional creatures in soldier bodies as police. That's when the angels destroyed their planets. 1,000 years Lucifer tried 2 re build…. He created dinasaurs in the Americas only. And neanderthal worldwide. That's when Yahweh built Giza next 2eden. That's why Eden was fenced, guarded. Bcuz of dinasaurs and evil neanderthals who had no souls. Satan can't make a soul.¬†

        In Eden, it never rained. There was no sun. Dinos don't like sun. All Dinasaur fossils u see now are result of cement. Cement can only be made by massive sediment. A flood. Noahs flood. Those plants and bones weren't time lapse fossilized. It's a pretty instant process, as I am sure u know regarding cement. Cement: is sediments in absence of oxygen. Get it? MUD. 

        That's why all "Jurassic" fossil plants were shade loving ferns &such. 

        URANTIA was built from a Starship near Jupiter were u could learn planet design. U could design a beach, go there that day. ThStarships were all run by magnets, and crystals. As is a weapon Yahweh requires 2day that all humans MUST now build due to dimensions merging now. Prophecy states humans will ignore Yahweh's weapon. Hence Armageddon. When Hitler's forces invaded, thJews didn't run, hide, or fight. They resorted to praying louder. Did David pray louder? No. Rapture and Bible worship are Satans inventions.  See part 2.

        URANTIA was built by Queen Rashayel. One of God's 12 daughters, who lives on earth now, and is one of God's 2 Warriour children, whome I also work with. 

         The angels used 2 make a game of coming out of URANTIA trails in 1 peace. One of God's daughters told me "we were all adrenaline junkies."

         I am sure Dinasaurs will once live again. Tuatara and others notwithstanding. Hibernative pterodactyl remain strictly nocturnal, prefer times when Sun is blocked from earth. Yahweh's throne remains inside our Sun.   See part 2 learn more.

  17. Special Fex says:

    Hope we can get an accurate spino in the next movie

  18. Granny Fan says:

    Fuck the spinosaurs

  19. Stick It To Them says:

    Aliens, Time Travel, Saint Nick, Walking Dead, Bigfoot, Littlefoot, Midgetfoot, Humongousaurus, T-Rexosaurs, Spinosaurus, Dingbatosaurus any kind of dinosaurs never did exist the only thing that does exist is all you slow people so wake your dumb ass up

  20. Amber Lynn Thomas says:

    What do they do with this stuff when they're done using it to film

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