India’s Oldest Lingam – Evidence of Ancient Machining Technology?

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Hey guys, I am at the Shore temple in Mahabalipuram and this is the world’s oldest lingam, built more than 1300 years ago. We can see right away that something is very unusual about this lingam. It looks like it has been created with machines. This is because this structure is made of 16 equal sides. Now, on the top, you can see that it has been badly damaged, this is because Kings of other faith have tried to destroy this lingam a few hundred years ago. Today, it stands about 5 feet tall, but the original structure stood nearly 12 feet tall. Is this structure made with ancient machining technology or primitive tools like chisels and hammers?
The baffling feature of this structure is that it is made of 16 equal sides, this type of structure is called a hexadecagon. It is impossible to make a perfect monolithic hexadecagon of this magnitude with primitive tools. How could anyone have made this structure 1300 years ago? Today we can make different polygons using computer controlled machines, but cutting a 12 foot rock with 16 equal sides would be not be easy, even with machines.
The biggest problem with creating a perfect hexadecagon is not the length or width of the facets. These can be measured with simple tools, but the problem lies in creating the perfect angle between the sides. To make a structure with just 8 sides, we would have to calculate the exact angle between each side which would be 135 degrees. Now, this lingam has twice the number of sides which means that the angle between each side should be 157.5 degrees – Now there is a decimal point in degrees!
Is this lingam really perfect or does it merely look perfect? If this entire structure was made with chisels and hammers, there would be some human error. So, I decided to calculate the angle between the facets. If this is a perfect hexadecagon, the angles between all the sides, should be exactly 157.5 degrees. Here you can see my measurement with an angle finder. You can see that there is no error, and it shows the perfect angle of 157.5 degrees. I’ve measured all sides, and it is perfect. This “modern instrument” that I use today, doesn’t show me decimal places, but you can see that this black line is always halfway between these 2 lines. So, you can imagine what kind of advanced instruments were used 1300 years ago, by ancient builders. I have also measured the width of all sides and they are all perfect, down to the millimeter. This means there is absolutely no human error in this structure, which proves that this structure was made with advanced machinery.
But there is another structure which is more baffling than this 16 faceted lingam. There is a 16 faceted structure, called Kalasam sitting on top of the temple tower. Making a regular hexadecagon requires straight machining. But what we see on the very top of this temple tower needs much more complex machining because of the varying shapes and grooves. It looks like a metal structure but it is actually made of stone. This Kalasam looks tiny from here, but is in fact 6 feet tall. It just looks tiny because of the height of the tower which is 60 feet. And if you zoom in, you can see the 16 facets and the varying shapes, created to perfection. Such complex design with 16 facets would be impossible without the help of advanced machines and tools. What kind of technology was used back then and why do we have no mention of this lost technology in history books?
Now, the really fascinating feature is that, while the entire structure is made of granite which is locally available, the lingam and the Kalasam are not made of granite. They are made of a type of rock called black basalt which is not available anywhere within an 800 mile radius. Why did they take such pains to transport black basalt from a far away land and use it on specific structures? If you look carefully, we can see why. You can see that the sculptures made of granite, show lots of corrosion, because of the salty sea breeze. However, there is no sign of corrosion on the Kalasam or the lingam because black basalt does not corrode. This is why, the most critical pieces of the temple were made with black basalt. The ancient builders not only used advanced machines, but also understood the chemical properties of various rocks.

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  2. Vega Mega says:

    Maybe is like battary. Sunny rays come on lingam and it make energy. Energia come from lingam to the top of tample.

  3. F-A Paradis says:

    Watching from Canada.. don't know that's so much marvelous things in India. Great job.

  4. ondot99 says:

    This is a wonderful work by Mohan!!!!!!!.Thank you and keep doing it..The more exiting thing to note is 218 poeple marked "Dislike".aT LEAST ONE OF THIS FELLOW COME OUT AND SAY WHY.

  5. Elit_Japan_Audio says:

    16 граней это 16 чертогов, основа изначальная на нашей земле. На других землях другое количество граней за основу делалось. Гораздо важнее знать почему шестнадцать, а не как это сделано.

  6. Rusher 97 says:

    You think that only present latest machines can construct every thing and and is only possible by the white people as they are advanced in knowledge or what.
    Even advancement was there in past. They all looted and took away the secrets. Now even they are looting us. Even in foreign many Indians are in the greatest position in many foreign companies.

  7. Rusher 97 says:

    Why do u always say that some aliens had come and did all that. Whom do you actually work for ???
    You discover the things and demonstrate them well but we get irritated as you always talk about the latest machinery and all nonsense. One thing for sure ancient Indians were great people having great minds. Just stop your bloody nonsense praising present inventions.

  8. angelofwax says:

    This man is a pure hearted genius…

  9. VibrationsfromMirror says:

    4/4 ( maybe 4 times each for 4 directions?16 count, was this a music temple?

  10. sami abdul says:

    Only stone Technology

  11. Politically WOKE Hindus says:


  12. sami abdul says:

    Technology before industrial revolution is non existent . Avg IQ of hindus is very low .
    Answer some commonsence questions

    (1)With technology far better than today's why cant they fight back the muslims who fought with conventional swords and arrows .

    (2) why ancient science and technology suddenly disappeared . Why didnt it pass through generations .

    (3) Today we have airplanes , ships , phones , bulbs , fan etc., do we carve it on the stones . No we have paper to explain the mechanism.
    Didn't ancient people have paper or printing press ??
    Why cant we find some devices ,metals , plastic, rubber etc., of ancient times

  13. M P says:

    World's oldest lingam haha.thats not true.there are 12 jyotir linga temples in India.those are there from before the time of creation or
    after creation like from millions of years.i think you should read Hindu VL Know about creation and about india.from 5000 years no one has come on this planet from another was in dwapar Yuga when Lord Krishna appeared on this planet, every one from upper worlds would come and go here just like how v travel from one place to another. Now it's 5000 years that Kali Yuga started.before that,dwapar existed for 864000 years.before dwapar,there was treta yuga for 1296000 years.before that,satya yuga was 1728000 one yuga is ending and another one is for Kali yuga,more 432000 years are left.after that, destruction VL happen and world vl end.till then there VL be no destruction except natural calamities.
    You should go to iskcon temple.they VL give you nice information about what is there in Hindu scriptures.
    I love your videos because I get to see great ancient technology of india but I also know why our old temples are so artistic because our ancestors were more strong and were able to cut big stones by using some technology and build those huge structures.

  14. Sudhir Rawat says:


  15. Stephen Fabiano says:

    Your Research only confirms my own beliefs…Great Job!
    The Battle between Good & Evil is as old as time itself!
    Muslims = Evil, and most other Religions = Good & Love!
    Today once again we are in the Battle of Evil vs Good & Love!
    I have come to believe that ALL over our Planet, there once Existed a Highly Advanced Civilization. The Megalithic Structures on every Continent, certainly are Proof of this!
    India, China, Egypt, etc. where once, Cultures of Enormous Technology!
    Today, it is becoming very apparent, with many Asian & Oriental people's applying that lost Knowledge, in Computer Science, Medical & the Space Industries!
    I believe that lost knowledge exists within all our genes, and over millennia, it reawakens!
    We as a Race of Human beings, must join as One, and then Nothing Will be Impossible! Peace & Love to ALL! Keep up the Great Work…I Love It!

  16. Senyapp says:

    Süperrr Süperrr lazer tecnoloji.

  17. David Johnson says:

    Making such structures with hand tools would be impossible. Precision of machining is staggering. Hard basalt rock is cut and polished to perfection. This is most likely a model of technology used in steering of vimanas as someone is dividing circle by 16. I have seen compass of German bell shaped vehicle made in 1939 and they used less 8 step unit instead of 16. Circular shape vehicles require different steering technology than regular aircrafts.

  18. Pratap Sapare says:

    Please visit to hampi
    I think u can find more ancient tech there

  19. Kaal Singh says:

    जो लोग यहाँ हिन्दू धर्म का डंका पीट रहे है
    उन्हें ज्ञात करा दूँ हिन्दू धर्म नही है
    धर्म सनातन है
    हिन्दू तो जीवन यापन के कौशलों को कहा गया।

  20. packirisamy Isam suppiah says:

    Dearest Mohan, the structures of our beloved India must have been thousands and thousands of years and not in hundreds with respect and most ingenious structures are Extraterrestrial without any doubt and Truth must not be denied, history of western indemnity is bogus…

  21. Yash Lakha says:

    So talented guy and only 397k subscriber seems indian youth is not interested in our history

  22. ARUN THUMMA says:

    Mind ur WORDs MAN
    everything GOD listens n SEEs what ONE is doing by Thoughts or WORDs or Actions or Deeds or
    as SOUL witness everything.

    Almighty GOD is not PARTIAL to ANYONE

    YES its TRUE
    Muslims invaded an did they non sense
    know the TRUTH about kaaba
    abt the Taj Mahal
    abt the babri masid
    almost in DIFFERENT place they forcefully converted the people and the Holy TEMPLEs of other religions and got converted to mosques.

    see WHAT ever the person throwns onto OTHERs it will get back to U
    EARLY or LATE but its for DEFINITELY for SURE.

    Almighty GODs creation n the COSMIC DESIGN is such away that

    what ever u thrown onto OTHERs will be get served to u in plate by any means to those who hav DONE or DID it.

    DONT worry or fear BRO

    EVERYONE will get they TREATMENT or treat by the Almighty GOD as he is NOT PARTIAL to any Sect or CREED or Gender or REGION or AGE or CASTE or what ever the RELATIVEness that is making the MAN to be against HUMANity of VERSATILE nature and of ABSOLUTE Sense.

    Almighty GOD BLESS ONE n ALL Peace n TrueKnowledge to UNDERSTAND n get merge in him.

  23. Rikth Dcruze says:

    fucking muslims always trying to destroy other cultures… destroyed so much

  24. ARUN THUMMA says:

    215 disliked d—-ys in HUMAN form not READY to accept the TRUTH as it is bcoz of NARROW minded EGOistic Nature n of Thoughts or WORDs or Actions or Deeds the Almighty GOD BLESS ONE n ALL Peace n TrueKnowledge to UNDERSTAND n get merge in him

  25. Sankar Ramcharan says:

    alien technology mathematics and a thermal ray

  26. htgajjar says:

    Barbaric Muslim Invaders destroyed millions our Great Ancient Hindu Temples and Sculptures.

  27. Rama Kanth says:

    your the best to find original history which is not written in books.. U have a chance to rewritten correctly

  28. chandra shekhar says:

    U may be baffeled but These temples were not the place for prayer. These were created for yoga purposes in the ancient times. Meet sadhguru …he will definitely help…improve your work..and he contact you with the govt. You must hurry …in 2019 elections everything may change. U r doing great job.

  29. chandra shekhar says:

    These musli are the viruses….they act like they are not humans at all..destroying everything humans created. Shame on you!!!


    Muslims say their culture is 1400yrs old but look at our ancient constructions how advanced those are. HINDUs and Hinduism is greatest in the world and only Hinduism will save world in future

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