How to Use Ahrefs in SEO Competitive Research

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In this video we continue our journey of competitive research and we look at the Ahrefs software tool.

I was very surprised and impressed when I took the time to dive into this package. It goes well beyond backlinks and provides a great deal of data on top keywords, top pages, and social media activity.

If you’re wondering how you can best perform competitive research for SEO, this video and software is for you!

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6 Responses

  1. Venkatesh Kumar says:

    Very detailed useful video. Ahref only is enough for Seo? Or semrush also need?

  2. An Chương Shoes says:

    Thanks Rebecca !

  3. Edin Arneas says:

    Your work is a nice one. I like very much and appreciate it. Thank you Rebecca.

  4. Robel Mahmud Sadi says:

    It's very helpful tutorial Rebecca Gill,

  5. Seo Guru says:

    i just purchase ahrefs agency plan, if some one interested or want to split cost at minimum amount, email me at [email protected] and get agency plan for free for first 3 day

  6. Saurabh Porwal says:

    very impressive tutorial Rebecca.

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