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`If you are a blogger, then you must have heard about FeedBurner. This is not tough, but it may take time. Let’s Grab a Cup of Coffee ! So Are you Ready? Ok, Let’s Get Started “How to Setup FeedBurner Feeds for Your WordPress Blog”.

How to Setup FeedBurner Feeds for Your WordPress Blog?

Every popular blogger is using Feedburner to burn their RSS feeds because it is free feature rich system that cannot turn down. It provides feed optimization option, statistics, feed publication option and many more. Using Google Analytics and Feedburner is must for Every WordPress blog. In this article we will show you How to Setup FeedBurner Feeds for Your WordPress Blog.

Why Feedburmer is Important for WordPress Bloggers?

Feedburner is free service that contains lots of options that you do not get with default WordPress feed. Some of features include:

Give Your Users multiple options to Subscribe such as Email, and other feed-readers (Google, Netvibes etc)
Social Proof (Subscriber Count)
Statics about your RSS Subscriber so you can analyse and optimize your blog posts
Options to customize your feeds such as modification of post branding, headings, content and more
Option to ping in various feed-reading services once you publish your posts
Integrate Google Adsense to monetize RSS feeds
There is just short list of features, you can see that it must have for all over the blogs. Now, you can move to the setting up of Feedburner Account.

Setup FeedBurner Feeds for Your WordPress Blog
First of all, you need to have a Google Account (any Gmail ID will work). Visit Feedburner Service Page to start Feeds Process.

In the Initial Step, you need type the link of Your WordPress Blog feed. If you have SEO friendly WordPress URL Structure, then your feed link should be like

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