How to Set up SEO URLs in OpenCart 3.x

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SEO in OpenCart is one of the starting points when you are building your store. If you know a little about search engine optimization, you will probably know that links are one of the most powerful factors for the ranking of any website.

SEO Friendly URLs in OpenCart need to be additionally enabled to be active. When you are setting up your store, there are a couple of simple steps you need to take, which will be in this tutorial.

Don’t forget to modify and rename the .htaccess.txt file in your OpenCart root installation.

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14 Responses

  1. tezz777able says:

    thanks for all your work and videos, seo url works for product category about ect.. but does not work on account register login ect.. what to do?

  2. Shaheer Haider says:

    seo url is not showing in my dashboard

  3. Morningside Sanitarium says:

    I had this setup just fine on my site, but now I'm working with a multi site, and the seo url's do not work with the additional store. I get error 500. I can not figure out why.

  4. Priceless Designs 4U says:

    Do you have to have any SEO software extensions before this will work? I'm getting 404 page error.

  5. PiXelz Center says:

    I have two htaccess files
    htaccess and .htaccess.txt
    What do I do here, delete htaccess which is the original file and amend the .htaccess.txt by removing the .txt extension?

  6. Abdalla Nizar says:

    Thanks for the video. I had an issue though, my installation on Cpanel did not have the .htaccess.txt file. So I had to create one, then I copy pasted the content from github to the new file and it worked.

  7. 10X SAS says:

    doesn't work when filter module is enabled.

  8. 10X SAS says:

    filters and seo url dont work at the same time?

  9. Dinesh Yadav says:

    .htaccess was not present in my case so I have created it…but its not working, can you please show the contant of .htaccess file ?

  10. Александр Складнев says:

    Hello. I have made all as described here, but get 404. And not seo urls works. My site use 2 languages and I have set keywords for both languages. Finally it works, but changing language go to home page and connection on seo url pages are not secure.

  11. Bartłomiej Biedrończyk says:

    It would be good to add that one should only put category_id=xxx for category etc. because first I was trying to add the whole link with index.php and so one.

  12. Александр Александрович says:

    Thanks. But how about this url /index.php?route=account/login ????

  13. William Caroline says:

    Hey, I tried renaming the htaccess file, Now I'm getting 404 error message whenever I click on any page on the site…How can I solve that please?

  14. WcMade com says:

    Very nice tutorial that is easy to follow. It worked perfectly on my Opencart 3 site. Thanks!

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