How To Make Boombox Bluetooth Speaker From Pipe Plastic

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Hi friends! Today i show you how to make bluetooth speaker from plastic pipe at home. Hope you like it!
* Link buy materials
– 3inch 40w 4ohm Full Range Speaker:
– 4 inch 120MM Bass Radiator Passive Speaker:
– 1.2 inch 30mm 6ohm 20W Speaker:
– Axial capacitor for speaker 3.3u 100v:
– 4S Battery Pack 14.8V:
– TPA 3116 2X50W Amplifier Board :
– 2X (Tip41C+Led Green 5V) + 4X Resistor 100ohm:
– 3D Texture Carbon Fiber Wrap Vinyl Decal:
– Silicon Glue:
– A&B Glue:
– Power Button:
– Adapter 16.8v 2A:

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36 Responses

  1. Daniel Lee says:

    Are you selling

  2. Felix says:

    Not Bad! I Like this, pls more of such Projects!

  3. Tushar Garg says:

    Kudos. Awesome project. I am never gonna make it. Neither am i capable of making it. But loved it. U are awesome. Wish i had same skills

  4. Денис Горбушенко says:

    это самая классная самодельная колонка что я видел,супер.

  5. Nwaj Mirza says:

    From where u got components

  6. Christopher Gaul says:

    Nicely done. Very creative.

    The only tips I'd give are:
    – use proper ABS/PVC cement for an easier, better bond.
    – flatten another piece of pipe. Cut a circle out the size of the pipe inner diameter. Slide it into the pipe and centre it between the two speaker holes and glue it in place making sure it forms an airtight seal. This keeps the right and left channels separated for better sound.

    But yeah. Nicely done.

  7. Brayan figueroa says:

    Pon una canción de bad bunny en una bocina futura.

  8. Junio Emerick says:

    Good Work ! Congrats!

  9. Roy Roy says:

    Mohon bantuan nya bagaimna utk mau membeli bahan"nya seperti spiker 4 hm nya dan modul nya soalnya di tmpat saya tdk ada ni bahannya

  10. murfbass says:

    Nice workmanship. Did you take into account the relationship between the resonant frequency (Fe) of the speaker drivers and the length of the pipe?

  11. Md sijan raja says:

    Super bro

  12. Gilvan silva says:

    Quem sabe sabe

  13. DUGS BONSAI says:

    Can u make me one and I'll pay you

  14. adcord8034 says:

    con un cable usb podriamos ponerle un puerto para flash lastima perder el puerto de micro seria como memoria interna expandible

  15. KamekoBruns says:

    #1 – get a heat gun and stop using a blowtorch.
    #2 – stop using the blowtorch on fucking stone tiles. They'll crack at best, explode at worst.
    #3 – Bomb ass project. Very cool!

  16. EL QUINTO Clavo says:

    Sos exelente …….

  17. hao nguyenha says:

    Cho phí anh chế con này là bao nhiêu vậy

  18. Сергей Соколов says:

    Класс. Молодец.

  19. Swapnil Pashte says:

    Nice bosss

  20. Quran Is Beautiful says:

    give it to me free plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    Ficou top ta vendendo por quanto

  22. Игорь Башков says:

    самое офигенное что я видел!!!

  23. SEBAXSTIAN YT says:


  24. DIGBPE 2018 says:

    muy hermoso diseño, voy a hacer de un tubo de 12" gracias

  25. king david says:

    well done dude. I love that how can I get my hand on one is it on the market ??????

  26. L says:

    Nice though I could do with something that compacts down soI can throw it in my snowboard bag easier.

  27. ช่าง 9 หริภุญชัย ซ่อมเครื่องเสียงรถยนต์อย่างมีคุณภาพ says:


  28. Durian Man says:

    Cho em hỏi là chi phí để làm hoàn tất con loa này là bao nhiêu với ?

  29. David Hubbard says:

    Dude… wow!

  30. Finn The Human says:

    ever notice that black people dont create stuff.. they jus steal.. lol

  31. Dennis says:

    You really should balance 4s2p lipos

  32. Adriano Santos says:

    Friend, the best Boombox.

  33. nuwan goonewardena says:

    Amazing, learnt so much

  34. knowledge with Pradeep says:


  35. saint27573 says:

    Philippines ?

  36. Khanh Hoang says:

    nhìn đẹp âm thanh hay like

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