How To Integrate Shopify For WordPress

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How To Integrate Shopify For WordPress. PLUS 20 FREE SHOPIFY TUTORIALS

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I this short tutorial I am going to show you how to integrate a shopify ecommerce site into your wordpress blog or website.

As you can see we are on a wordpress site all about knee pain and what we are going to do is integrate in a couple of places a product that is associated with this site but all going through Shopify.

So lets head over to the wordpress dashboard, and we are going to be heading to appearance and to posts.

But first we are going to head over to our shopify site, as you can its fairly new only having just a few visitors to it. Down the left hand side find buy button. We are going to integrate a buy button from shopify for wordpress.

Click on the buy button and select the product you want to integrate from shopify for wordpress. Select your option from the 3 offered on the top left hand side.

Then hit the generate code button (top right) head back over to your WordPress open up appearances and then widgets. Drag a text box widget across and place into your right sidebar menu.

Paste in the code from shopify and save the changes. You know have a product showing up in the sidebar of your wordpress blog.

Now to head back to shopify and follow the same but choose the main template, generate the code and copy it. Heading back to WordPress dashboard and posts. Create a new post and save choose text tab and paste in code from shopify click publish. You can also add in your tags too.

And now you have two places where your products are shown in your WordPress site.

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15 Responses

  1. Attain Your Awesome says:

    Thanks so much! This was a great tutorial and looks super easy!

  2. Micah Buzan says:

    Super helpful, thanks for this!

  3. EstroHaze says:

    Thank you for this informative video. Is there any way to add a Page featuring or mirroring your Shopify Store?

  4. abishek s k says:

    How much is the pricing for this method? Is it $9 per month?

  5. Trudy Schwartz-Burrill says:

    Great job. New subscriber. Thank you so so much. I can actually use my word press site so I designed it and that matches my FB page so its all a put together Branded in uniform look . Most people won't even realize they are being hyperlinked from one place to another. Some will probably most probably will not. I appreciate your help.

  6. Jordan Carter says:

    Looks good for simple use cases, but what about WordPress theme developers? We often use WooCommerce and have features on the site such as a cart list drop down in the header that you can update/delete, and an account section so you can store your address and review orders. Does shopify offer these features for WordPress sites? I find WooCommerce is very difficult to work with, and am hoping to find a simpler alternative.

  7. T4AVideos says:

    Thanks, Martin! Does this video apply to Shopify Lite as well?

  8. Tony Cook says:

    Yeah..thanks Martin..really helpful man…

  9. Jonathon Isherwood says:

    Nice video but I already figured this much out. My issue is there would be a separate cart for sidebar and post. Literally every page on my site seems to be a separate cart. Anything I add is no longer there when I leave that product page :/

  10. sleggettrn says:

    Thanks so much, I just got my small handmade card shop up and running!

  11. Mel Row says:

    Good video. It would have been great without the music in the background. Hopefully one day people will stop doing that.

  12. Manel Roig says:

    Hello Martin, very nice tip. I have some doubts: Can you have a shopify shop online, upload there products from different niches and categories, use the shopify store only for the products of one category (eg, gourmet food) and hide products from other niches (eg. cosmetics) so that it is not visible in the store. BUT, thanks to the embed code option, can you insert code into niche pages made with WordPress? This way you would have 2 online stores based en shopify for the price of one. Do you think if this could be a good idea?

  13. Alex Vech says:

    problem to me is with seo. you are embedding a .js code, i am not sure how well google is gonna love it.

  14. kyle baxter says:

    horrible plugin…

  15. The Secret Wealth Club says:

    Brilliant. Thanks Martin

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