How To Get Backlinks For SEO DA90+ [CASE STUDY]

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How to get backlinks for SEO from websites DA90+ and give a boost to your Google Rank?
Check this Case-Study and feel free to contact me for further information.

Link Building is the process of exchanging links with other websites to increase the backlinks quality of your site.
Try to see a backlink like a review.
Receive it from an authoritative site, it gets you brownie points (rank) in the eyes of Google.
So, your site will appear higher in searches that users will perform on the Mountain View engine (SERP).
Ultimately, you’ll get more traffic.
Links as a ranking factor are what allowed Google to dominate the search engine market in the late 1990s.
One of Google’s founders, Larry Page, invented PageRank, which Google used to measure the quality of a page, based in part on the number of links pointing to it.
This metric was then used as part of the overall ranking algorithm, which has become a strong signal because it is a great way to determine the quality of a page.
The more backlink a page receives, the higher the quality (according to Google).
It is so effective because it is based on the idea that a link can be seen as a vote of confidence towards a page, which otherwise would not have obtained links.
The theory is that when someone links a link to another website, he is actually saying that this is a good resource.

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