How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website

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How to Fix WordPress Issues – CPR for your website
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32 Responses

  1. sameer goswami says:

    Plz help me my WordPress webside is not opening

  2. sameer goswami says:

    My website is not opening plz help me

  3. Temple Of Kanchi says:

    Hi, I'm on Godaddy filezilla, everytime I tried to transfer the file it gives me an error permission denied. I also cannot find the public_html. I only see html. What am I doing wrong? I'm new to this. Please help. Thanks

  4. Luis says:

    keep getting this message trying to importing astra theme files, could you help me?: cURL error 7:

  5. Akash says:

    Do you have any solution for this-

    Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case.

    Please help me to solve this problem, I will really Thankful to you.

  6. matin milani says:

    hi. first of all I wanted to thanks you for this because it helped me a lot. but my main problem is with the slider revolution plugin in which when I'm building a slider and trying to resize text content on the image it goes on top of the page and my scroll wont work. i'd be really grateful if you could help me with this

  7. Cheng32290 says:

    Thank you so much! This tips is very very helpful even I hope that I’ll need to do this. Great video!

  8. Me you says:

    YOU are really good

  9. Mary Burns says:

    I'm having problems with my ads on adwords and they showed me that my site is not crawelable since it has Errors 304, 302 and 204. They told me to contact my web developer and fix it, however, I have to fix on my own since I need it done now and can't wait to find a developer to fix this. Do you think this will fix my problem?

  10. Al Dalesandro says:

    my host doesn't even have a public_html

  11. Al Dalesandro says:

    I had my current host move three wordpress blogs from a previous host and now i can only log into one wordpress site, the other two login pages don't display correctly, the login is in the top left of the screen and when I click login, i can't login and files are downloading on the bottom of my browser. current host says that it's not their problem and to contact a wordpress developer. My question is, will the steps in this video help?

  12. Chillout Zone says:

    Thank you, i`m just getting into web building and it`s good fun, but there`s always problems to learn and fix when building them

  13. Avinash patel says:

    I installed SSL but after that when i try to login its saying Your connection is not private and page is completely blank, no login option is coming up, then i saw your this video, however I am on the same page, Nothing worked, WHY??????

  14. Perfect Engineering says:

    The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.
    WordPress site error massage

  15. Perfect Engineering says:

    Great video ,

  16. Prakash Mishra says:

    Dear WP crafter, let me tell you that i changed my hosting to Inmotion using your promo code! You wont believe what experience i am going thru now, the website is dead coz they did some mistakes during transfer. And obviously they have claimed that my “reputed Ecommerce site” was malicious and hacked thats why this is happening! I really followed your most of the vdos like a child to learn. I would appreciate if you take your personal interest and guide me in solving this issue! I assure you, i will advertise fir you in return.

  17. Marius Dinca says:

    Hmmmm i dont get it this is such a great channel why so little views…people are crazy if they dont watch this………

    Also was wondering i found the chanel recently so i did not get to watch all the videos for now so i was wondering is there a video on how to change the domain name?

  18. Umid Umidov says:

    I have errors on Elementor i can open file elementor all the time gives me error the says The preview could not be loaded any one know how to fix that ?????!????????

  19. Ahmad Maqsood says:

    When i try to login wp-admin then show wordpress show 'error 404' (url:domain. Com/wp-content/deleteme) what should i do?

  20. javier Aguirre says:

    Thank you So Much!!!!! you save my life> and I love your videos!!

  21. Petra Birsa says:

    Hello I need an urgent respond. I created website with elementor that is perfect on my mac. But now I look at this page on an olh HP PC and all the elements are mixed al photos are not in the line, font is changed. How can I fix this problem. On the other side I will have to do all without elementor. Please help me. Other computers change the site. Pleaseee help.

  22. Social Impact for Business says:

    Will this help my top toolbar reappear?

  23. WayBeyond says:

    Hello, I am having a very confusing experience with wordpress, Ive used it before to build websites from scratch but now Im trying to help a friend fix theirs that they let someone else work on and things are showing up on the front end that have all these typos that need corrected yet they are not showing up in the editor backend. All the pages have some things built in regular blocks but other things built in the visual composer and there are things missing from both that are still showing up on the front end. There are buttons that are showing on the front end that are missing from the backend, images, text blocks and Im confused how they can be still seen on the published side without a way to edit or delete them in the editor…. When I try to use the front end editor, where your supposed to be able to still see the published page, the blocks and chunks disappear. Can you please help? My friend is really stressed out and Ive never had to try and correct someone else's work before where they screwed it up so bad for someone else… Thank you!

  24. OneCoin Mastermind says:

    hi, i have two domains and first time ininstalled wordpress in both than i delelted them. then i tried to install again from hosting it gives me error cannot extract package in red. please how to install wordpress

  25. Aixonne -com says:

    Hi There ,
    Is this still working for the 4.9.4 version of WordPress?

  26. Exclusive Window Tinting says:

    hi can you check my website and maybe help out with mine?

  27. JON Gergeceff says:

    Great video

  28. shivam trivedi says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am getting 502 bad gateway error and I also tried to make some troubleshooting, please tell me how to fix it.

  29. fabiano vicente says:

    HI, my friend I am thankful for all your videos is an awesome help, but I have a problem with a website I created I am not an expert on pc but I did the site that is over an year already, but now the WordPress don't let me in, I am using FatCaw for host and this is what come in when I try the WordPress : W3 Total Cache Error: some files appear to be missing or out of place. Please re-install plugin or remove /hermes/walnaweb02a/b1737/moo.expresswingsstore/ Just look at that and I don't even have this plug in instilled and when I try to instill it says this :Upload problem: json_syntax. but I cant fix it can Upload problem anyone give me a direction please! thank you !

  30. Khushboo Rajpoot says:

    Hi there!
    Can you please help me to solve the following wordpress php(footer) fatal error? –
    “Unable to communicate back with site to check with fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP”.

  31. Ahmad Fawad Rahimzoi says:

    hi budy my elementor dont work . I don't know what to do I install the elementor 4 time from different locations but the same issue . that while I want add a new section with the button it show th select structure message but there are no structures showing . but when I click the aria it add a row with columns the I can to drug and drop the left side element ti the row please answer me . thanks in advance .

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