How To Find BackLinks That Hurt Your SEO [AMS-03 by David McSweeney]

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From this episode you will learn how to use Ahrefs Site Explorer tool to quickly audit your site’s links profile and specifically, identify low quality links –

What are bad links exactly? Paid, sitewide footer links, links from link farms, link exchanges from non-relevant niche sites, spun articles, links from low quality web-directories, links from hacked sites, spammy blog comments, forum profile links, etc.

How do you find those bad links? With Ahrefs tools for sure! These are the steps you should take:

– submit domain you want to audit to Site Explorer (

– go to Inbound Links – Referring Domains report;

– order the results by Domain Rating from highest to lowest or vice versa;

– start working your way down the list and when you see something you don’t recognise, click on ‘Backlinks’ to view the individual links from that particular domain;

– continue with the audit until you have added all the suspicious domains to your disavow file;

– you can then click the ‘Disavowed Links’ button to download a list of the suspicious domains. You can now reach out to as many of these low quality linking sites as possible to ask them to remove the link, before finally preparing a disavow file to upload to Google containing the domains/links we have been unable to remove.

That’s it. Auditing your site’s link profile with Ahrefs is so easy, isn’t it?


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4 Responses

  1. GrowMap says:

    Question. Let's consider the big picture. Suppose you're the site owner, and you're a well known member of the gaming community – but your site isn't about gaming. So you have your site in your signature and bio on the gaming sites you're a member of because you offer products or services with a broad appeal, and the people who know you on those sites are in your target audience.

    So you could remove your links from your bios – and lose the potential sales from an audience that knows and trusts you.

    OR, you could disavow these links – but if you do that, how does that impact the sites you disavow? Let's assume there is nothing "wrong" with them except that they are not in the same niche as your business.

    By disavowing these sites, are you damaging them in Google's eyes for your own best interest?

  2. IMM Financial says:

    Is there a disadvantage to just sending the list in to google to disavow the links rather than contacting site owner to do a wait-and-see?

  3. Carly Rodriguez says:

    ¿Hi! is the disavowed links is part of the premium version? I have a paid membership $75.00 but i do not see the disavowed option. Can you assist Thank you!

  4. Jimbeaux Slice says:

    What happens when you have 200k+ domains to check? You seriously going to look through all those links to find the bad ones? That just seems like a huge time suck to me.

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