How To Build a Dream Marketing Team (From Scratch)

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0:30 Well, you can build a team. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to teach you how to build a marketing team. Now there are a few approaches that you can go with building a marketing team. The first approach is let’s say you have a lot of money; you can go and hire someone who’s done it for your competition. I kid you not, the best person to hire in marketing is someone who’s already done it for your competition, and they’ve proven themselves.

2:00 Not just being like, oh, I ran marketing at HubSpot or Moz or American Express. Find that person and say, what did you do specifically? What were you in charge of? What were the results from the stuff that you produced directly? If you were to work at my company, what would you do? Alright, show me some of the stuff you would do. In the interview process, don’t just ask them what they’ll do, but have them show you. If they say oh well, blog, alright, well if you’re going to blog, how are you going to blog? How are you going to find the writers? Are you going to write it? How are you going to promote the content?

4:30 Getting down to the nitty-gritty will tell you if that person was responsible for that company’s growth. And if they’re your competition, you don’t want to hire someone from them; you want to hire the person who was the person who produced most of the results. Because that way, it reduces your risk. The last thing you want to do is hire someone who is bad, wait six months, and be like, ah, we’re getting nowhere. So make sure you dig deep. Now when you’re entering that person, the last thing you need to do is ask them for reference checks. You can’t just ask them for reference checks for the last company or the current company that they’re working at; it’s your competition.

5:00 I’m shooting this here in Orange County, technically Los Angeles County, I’ll go to UCLA or USC, or try to find some interns, and you could try to pay them minimum wage. You could offer an unpaid internship, and you can get them to watch all of my videos or read my articles, or learn from Moz or Brian D. Have them create plan of everything that they should be doing to grow your traffic, and you’ll quickly learn that if they’re a good fit or if they’re a bad fit, but what I found is you want to hire people who can learn fast, you want to hire people who are self-sufficient, in other words, they’re independent, they can figure out things on their own, and you want to hire people who really want to stick with your company, right? And if you’re not sure that they’re going to stick with your company, look for cultural fits. And if they’re a cultural fit with you, they have the same beliefs, the values; they’re much more likely to continue from that internship program to a paid job with you.

5:30 I would start off with one person, whether you have a lot of money or no money, start with one person. Because if you have a lot of money, the person that you end up hiring, he’ll figure out how to build the rest of the team, and he’ll bring more people. If you don’t have a lot of money, stick with one intern, get them up and running, once they’re going, you can start generating more sales, more revenue, and then you can expand from there. So that’s it, if you’re unsure on how to hire a marketer, leave a comment below, I’ll give you some advice, I’ll help you. If you enjoyed this video, like, comment, share, tell other people about it, thank you for watching.

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40 Responses

  1. Nishant Hemrajani says:

    Neil, Knowing the fact that in urban cities like Mumbai, there are many advertising and digital marketing agencies, since 7-8 years. If I wish to start my digital marketing agency in 2018, Am I too late in the game? Because many new agencies still come up and everyone thinks they are a digital marketer these days. How should I feel optimistic about this hyper-competitive space? TIA.

  2. vijay kaarthigeyan says:

    What is the difference between online marketing vs offline marketing?

  3. Antoine Dupont says:

    Good stuff here, thanks Neil.

  4. Hassan VEVO says:

    What about TechCrunch?

  5. Top5 Facts says:

    Thank you Neil as usual… I need to build a social media marketing team, which kind of people should select? How to pay them?

  6. sevengenie Nawapaiala says:

    Thankyou Neil, it is very helpful . We were struggling with building marketing team. For mobile game marketing , can u suggest some resource to grow.

  7. Ritik singh says:

    Hey Neil
    I am 20 years old I have started Seo agency. Currently I am doing emailing cold calling in my city to get clients but not getting the results I want to ask you what can I do to get clients fast

  8. Fernandu Chimuco says:

    Neil, I wanted to know if it's you personally who replies to all of the people on all social media platforms especially Fb and youtube is or is it one of your marketing team members?

  9. Jose Zaragoza says:

    Awesome content! I'd want to be an intern and I would like to only watch +neilpatel

  10. Fernandu Chimuco says:

    So true Neil , the last thing you want to do is hire someone who sucks

  11. Manish Dhiman says:

    Another Amazing Video Neil, Thanks for Sharing. I have a question, are disqus comments helpful (for backlinks or for ranking)?

  12. learn KS2 says:

    How sites like Twitter submit every posts to index, is it manually done or auto?

  13. sagar vk says:

    Anyone tell me how to submit keywords on google console?

  14. Suchitra Gowda says:

    Hi Neil, do you think SEO is outdated? To start as a business.

  15. Gleb Sorokin says:

    Thank u so much Neil, everything u do is extremely helpful

  16. Sunny Choudhary says:

    What do I do with interns who are technically sound but really confused and reserved when trying to implement? They ask every small thing instead of figuring it out themselves. Just asking them to figure it out leaves them insecure. I know he is a good fit but how do I help them overcome their insecurity?

  17. xxx came says:

    Love guidance;-)

  18. Rohit kirpa says:

    Great advice Sir love your video always learn more and more from your videos

  19. Jazmine media says:

    I wish more employers would watch and learn these things, this is not only applicable to marking but also to other job posts. be willing to pay for your employee when they give you good results and you will be rewarded with better results.

  20. Chethan k g says:

    i adopting each techniques.. Thanks for sharing useful info..

  21. learn KS2 says:

    hi, I wanted to know what happens if I submit more keywords and how to submit more keywords.

  22. Akash Choudhary says:

    Hey Neil

    I’m ranking on the first page for a keyword….but my position is #6

    The length of the article is 800 words…..can I improve my ranking by updating the article and increasing the length to 2000 words?

  23. Brian Pfeiffer says:

    This is good advice, I am looking for someone locally in Las Vegas if you know Anyone I know you spend sometime here

  24. Laxman Karthik says:

    Did you manage all of it in a single take?

  25. hillspeak says:

    thank you very much for the fantastic advice on how to build a marketing team, I will implement in my project right now.

  26. Souvik Barua says:

    awesome Neil 😀

  27. Helthsquad Bangalore says:

    Thank you Neil, that was so crisp and clear, we are n verge of hiring, but then my question is in Bangalore it's difficult to find a digital marketing guy, do you have any questions or interview questions for me to ask them? And what would be the basic salary or interest that would really help them to stick and work for us?

  28. Wayne Jordan says:

    This is for the student who was asking Neil For tips. My dear Friend. Being in a level of education as you are is really taxing on ones person in its own self. This SEO field is the same animal in a different cage. The amount of time It takes to perfect and learn the complete realm of SEO and Digital Marketing is insane to say the least. you can never know it all or stop trying new concepts. SEO is Digital warfare. We are on the front lines protecting our clients bottom line. We are an asset, Loyal and driven by our need for victory to any and all who challenge our will to dominate the Digital arena of client Ad-Space or Ranking position. Relentless. It is however one of the greatest rewards to have a client shake your hand and smile as if he had just won the Nobel Peace Prize, Thanking you for surpassing their wildest expectations. It is only then that we take off our capes and return to our caves and Alter Ego. Always watching, Always Mindful for any who dare. We are Batman….. Good Luck Im sure you can do it . Take notes and Emulate a master , That be Neil Patel

  29. Wayne Jordan says:

    Mr. Neil Patel. Thank you for the 285 videos you have made to help and guide those who want to succeed in this business.
    I have no doubt about your Genuine want to be of service to others. Your content and the no non-sense delivery of the facts,
    puts you in a class all by your self. I am humbled by your generosity and inspired. I know the amount of work it is to write, edit and publish a high quality video such as yours. I sometimes feel that people underestimate the value and hard earned information that you give so freely. I for one fully understand the value and worth of your input. I am a sponge when Im getting the one thing I crave most."Knowledge" The good book Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge" Nothing has changed. Everyday new comers are destroyed by lack of it or by the black hat methods that some of these so called Guru's of seo are feeding them on some of the channels here on you tube. I love the fact that you dont play and build your followers on Truth, Trust, Honesty, and Respect. It doesn't surprise me due to I have a dear friend who is from India, His name is Mayur Patel. He owns the Mission Bell hotel in Ventura Calif. He also has another couple from there who help manage the hotel. This individuals are some of the finest people I have ever met. They are Honest and spiritual wonderful people, Hard working and full of life and kindness. They have prepared meals of home made Indian Food which I have fallen in love with. OMG is it out of this world. If this is the true nature of the land of India, I must go see and experience the beauty that must be one with that country.
    Thank you Neil. God bless you and yours. good fortunes to you

  30. Dal L says:

    Hi Neil, thanks for creating this video.I follow you all your video. If you able to produce a video how to find a great business partner will be helpful. Thanks

  31. Pharma care says:

    Tips for blogging team startup , what is essential for that blogging start-up

  32. oas2103 says:

    Hi Neil – fantastic video! I tried to hire team members with background at our competitors in the past but had trouble finding the right leads via Linkedin, even using Sales Navigator. Do you have any tips or tricks on how to find the right candidates (e.g., head of marketing from one of your competitors)? What if they used an agency? Any tips or tricks on how to find that agency? Thank you!!

  33. Dave Anthony says:

    Hey Neil. Great video. I'm starting a media company and looking to hire a videographer intern to start creating YouTube content, but also need a marketing intern to start bringing in more traffic. Do you recommend hiring both interns at the same time if I have no cash coming in right now?

  34. Aryan D says:

    Hi Neil, Are there any good mentorship opportunities for people getting into the industry?

  35. Guitarist Divyanshu V says:

    I am Divyanshu and I want to say you that Sir You are My Idol, Really. It's really the truth. I had sticked your posters all around in my room's wall. I am 15 now and I wish I will be as successful as you are and we will meet some day. May be after 7-8 years.

  36. Brian Barlow says:

    Really interested in doing this with a ground up intern… where should I be in my business before I consider this an option…. since I’m working with a limited budget… would it be appropriate to give the intern a client sign up bonus until we had enough of a budget to pay them upon graduation….. where do I start?

  37. sammu tech talk says:

    Should i make backlinks myself to get ranked and which type is best now a days?

  38. PlayGrounds Channel says:

    Sorry I didn’t get that : in what way would someone with a coding background help with marketing ? are you talking about implementing automation strategies ?

  39. Dan Hoang says:

    Hi Neil, I remember reading your blog post that mentioned an updated version of Ubersuggest that wasn't yet released to the public. Any ideas on when that might be coming?

  40. rakshith venkat says:

    Hi..we have interior firm we need marketing team with very low budject

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