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Learn How To Hire Writers so You Can Publish More Than You Imagined WITHOUT STRESS.

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I got laid off in a couple years ago. It was a surprise after working at the same company for nine years.

All signs pointed to a stable job — I even got great performance reviews.

A year later I was free from the job I hated, but I needed to grow my Amazon Affiliate income faster.

I decided to scale — accelerate — the content on my niche site. I proved the Keyword Golden Ratio worked after months of testing.

So I went big.

— I published about 200 posts in five months. (Total cost: $4,000)
— I outsourced about 95% of the content work, instead focusing on managing the system.
— Revenue grew from about $100 in January 2016 to $14,000+ in December 2016.

When Should You Scale?
Probably later than you think. We hear our role models talk about scaling and think we need to scale.

But we usually hear from our role models after they have years of experience or they’ve been working on a project for a while.

We try to scale on day 30 when we should scale on day 300.

If you’re considering scaling your content efforts, you should make sure you’re ready for it. Here are three tips:

Your site should have stable traffic and revenue. So when you start focusing on just content, your site will be stable.
If you don’t have any traffic, you probably need to focus on the basics, like keyword research and outreach. You should have about 100 visitors a day minimum before scaling, and there’s no harm in waiting till you have 100s of visitors a day.
If you don’t have the budget, then you should wait until you can afford it. You have way more time than you think. Patience is key.
Team Building Grow Slowly
Each person you hire creates more communication channels in the organization.

If you haven’t built a team before, like at your day job, then you should start slow.

Grow your team slowly. The biggest mistake you can make is to create and grow a team faster than you can manage them.

The last thing you want is to be MORE stressed out when you were trying to REDUCE stress. It’s usually easier to hire people than to manage them.

Remember that things will go wrong. Your plan will get crushed by some unexpected event.

If you have built a team before in a corporate setting, and I have, then you’ll know building a team may create problems faster than it solves them.

I helped grow a team from about 40 to over 100.

I helped with onboard new employees, including developing and improving the 70 page on-boarding document. (I worked to reduce the length of the on-boarding doc, by the way, favoring a minimalist approach.)

Each person you hire creates more communication channels in the organization. Even if you are the main point of contact and the team members don’t talk to each other, you still have to interface with each person.

So trust me when I say to grow slowly. And I’ll give you an exact model to follow.

Let Writers and Editors Work in WordPress
For a long time, I asked writers and editors do all their work in Google Docs. I didn’t want to let anyone into my WordPress account — it felt too vulnerable.

But once I gave my team access to WordPress, I was able to step away more and let them work.

You can give different levels of access for WP.

Normally, the writers get Author roles/permissions and the content manager/editor gets Editor roles/permissions. Be sure you understand what access you’re giving and what it really means.

My content team exploded with productivity once I gave them access to the site in WordPress. I was the bottleneck in the process so once I got out of the way things went great.

Saving 24,360 Minutes in 2016
I hired one for a role that totally changed the trajectory of the site I’ve been telling you about. It saved me over one hour for each piece of content.

The Content Manager.

It took me about an hour to an hour and a half to editor and draft a single post for my niche site.

I felt like I had to do that work myself.
I felt like I couldn’t teach someone how to do all the little steps.
I felt like I needed to have the control.
I was the bottleneck in the process so I had to do something.

The Content Manager Checklist
Several people ask me about what my content manger does. They want the checklist.

You should figure out what works best for you and your team. But here is what the content manager/editor does for me:

Edit article
Style guidelines – formatting, structure, font, voice, etc…
Upload content from Google Docs
Draft in WP
Add backlinks to other external sites
Add affiliate links to Amazon
Find a 1-3 relevant images from a stock photo site
Find a 1 relevant video from YouTube

It doesn’t look like much but it adds up if you have dozens of posts being published in a month.

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