Google Ranking Penalties Or Tweaks, Bing Crawl & Submissions & Google Cache Bug

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– This week we saw a lot of Google ranking complaints and I am not sure if it is an algorithm update or a penalty. Bing confirmed there was a bug with the URL submission tool because of a back log, but it is fixed. Google cache bug with the mobile-first indexing has been fixed. Bing is getting transparent on how they crawl the web. Bing is going to invest in Bing Webmaster Tools. Google fixed over 50 bugs in Google Search Console. Google is now sending out slow loading page notices to webmasters. Google link penalties can remove rich results from the search results. Google isn’t planning on supporting regional hreflang. Google said absolute URLs are safer for canonical tags. Google said IP addresses do not matter for backlinks. Google caches JavaScript and CSS files, so make sure your fresh content isn’t in there. Google local pack now adds book and schedule buttons. Google My Business cards are now in Google Maps. Google My Business has a migration tool. Google My Business is testing a way to add products to you local listings. Google Lens is now in Google Image search. Google asks SEOs how would they define themselves to developers. This was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Search Rankings Seems Unstable; More Algorithm Tweaks Or Penalties? :
Bing Confirms & Fixes Bug With URL Submission Tool; Will Add Rate Limits :
Google Cache Bug With Mobile-First Indexing Now Fixed :
Bing Gets Transparent On How They Crawl The Web :
Bing To Invest In Bing Webmaster Tools :
Google: We Fixed Over 50 Bugs In Search Console Over Past Month :
New Google Search Console Fix Slow Page Loading Notices :
Google Link Penalty Can Remove Rich Snippets/Results :
Google: Regional Hreflang Markup Not Coming Soon :
Google: Safer To Use Absolute URLs With Canonical Tags :
Google: IP Addresses Don’t Matter For Backlinks & Search Rankings :
Google Caches JavaScript & CSS Files For A Long Time & Why That Matters :
Google Local Pack Results Add Book & Schedule Buttons :
Google My Business Cards In Google Maps Results :
Google My Business Personal Account Migration To Organizational Account Tool :
Google My Business Products Beta Lets You Add Products To Your Local Listings :
Cool! Google Lens Now In Google Image Search Results :
Google Asks What Do SEOs Do? Help Us Highlight Your Work. :

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  1. billdog793 says:

    Thanks for what you do!

  2. Hayk Saakian says:

    It looks like the link penalty affecting featured snippets just gave more ammo to Negative SEO.

    Goes to show that Google still is not sophisticated enough to ignore link spam. The algorithm will penalize bad links they recognize to cover for the bad links they're not sure about.

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  4. Red Canoe Media says:

    Thanks Barry

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