Fusion Builder Guided Tour

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This video is a concise guided tour of the Avada Fusion Builder. If you’d like to jump to a specific section, please click the appropriate timestamp link below:


0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Fusion Builder Plugin
1:04 – Fusion Builder Interface
1:26 – Main Control Bar
3:21 – Fusion Builder Starter Page
3:58 – Content Creation Process
5:40 – Icon Controls (Edit, Clone, Resize, Etc.)
6:26 – Saving Custom Content Templates
7:14 – Page Building Demonstration
9:09 – Fusion Builder Settings
9:56 – Global Fusion Builder Element Options
10:33 – Fusion Builder Add Ons
11:04 – Conclusion


Useful links and Info:
Purchase your next copy of Avada –
Avada Quick Start Guide –
Avada Documentation –
Fusion Builder Documentation –
Need support? –

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33 Responses

  1. Abin Rimal says:

    Great, I have done my website on betheme but want to migrate to avada theme, is there any way to convert the page options already done in muffin builder to fusion builder ?

  2. Krishnadas PC says:

    This lady is faster than a bullet train.

  3. Petra Mikkolainen says:

    There is ThemeForest, Theme Fusion, Avada, Envato…I'm confused about how all these link to each other…

  4. Petra Mikkolainen says:

    The Fusion Builder just does not appear. I have activated the automatic feature in the Fusion Builder settings but nothing happens. What should I do?

  5. Robert Whitfield says:

    I agree with a lot of posters that these videos are just too fast – worse, there are NO specific videos (that I have found) to cover some basic things like how to use Avada as a new theme – for an existing WP site. And support was not much help – all they could suggest was to copy my site to a staging area to update (or rebuild it) there. Yet NO details about how to get your existing page copy assimilated into the new Avada/Fusion Builder pages. I am beginning to think themes that use Builders are simply not meant to upload for use as a theme update for an existing site – unless you are a developer. I tested a popular Page Builder plugin on an existing page and when chosen over the WP Editor, I could not see ANY existing page copy – this lack of a WYSIWYG view means there is no way to know where to stick a builder component like a toggle or testimonial carousel into your existing design/copy. And my concern is if you move forward commit with the builder on an existing page it will wipe out your existing page content! I was attracted by the apparent awesome ability of this theme to do almost anything – IF you are starting from scratch. Unfortunately I can't risk destroying a high ranking site (and the copy that got it there) which just needs a "design refresh", so I must pass.

  6. Hashtag Donuts AU says:

    I regret buying this theme. This is the worst. You literally have to save and reload a page every time you want to see an update. I want to pull my hair out.

  7. Martin Chuzzlewitt says:

    Wow! This demo is so fast that it's useless.

  8. Kavitha Wilson says:

    you make the assumption that we know what a container is or a CSS is

  9. Charlie H says:

    great video. did have to use the pause button a few times, but for me, the pacing was fine. great support.

  10. Michael Fuller says:

    If you redo/update this use a professional reader with good diction. Also, speak a little slower as many have suggested.

  11. Olayemi Awoeyo says:

    When I go to edit the Container, the pop-up gets stuck open and I can’t make changes, i cant add background image

  12. Marcel Big says:

    Fusion… it has "Visual Builder" ?

  13. Marcel Big says:

    Divi or Fusion?

  14. Jacek Laszkiewicz says:

    One more thing. I have followed up the steps in your above video, but for whatever the reason I am ending up with the 3 ROWS rather than 3 COLUMNS. I am using the WordPress theme called HANNE. Any comments?

  15. Jacek Laszkiewicz says:

    Do I have to be register (paid for Avada) in order to use "fusion builder' in one of the wordpress templates?

  16. TheIntelligentView says:

    Is it true that once you create your site using your Fusion Builder plug-in, that I can Never remove it or the site will be ruined?

  17. Ian Hodgson says:

    I heard some criticism of the fusion builder but this is a truly excellent way to build a page. This video needs replaying to get the hang of the builder interface. Thanks

  18. Kumar says:

    Too fast – not useful

  19. Mats Olsson says:

    Could you make a demo to show how to make a full width section with a background color containging a boxed text area.
    Similar to the footer the page in this demo (9:00 minutes)

  20. Nopety Nope says:

    the fusion builder is definitely not automatically on mine :'(

  21. ExecTech says:

    Great tutorial. I was just wishing for global customization of elements today, thinking- maybe they are already there.

  22. Russell West says:


  23. theloveemovement says:

    The fastest and easiest interface is NOT this but X theme. Believe me.

  24. genekoenen says:

    Works great!

  25. ÁngelMobile says:

    Also you run a lot in the video you could go slower even if it lasts a little longer

  26. ÁngelMobile says:

    Please tutorials in spanish language

  27. S Kahl says:

    I also want to add that I think you guys are so smart! Thank you SO much for making life that much better 🙂

  28. S Kahl says:

    Do the tables scale per device?

  29. James Isaacs says:

    This is crazy confusing. Please add some more basic tutorials. I have been trying for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS to simply change a photo.

  30. Joseph Gay says:

    Can you guys make a video on Mobile options and customization?

  31. Subdecay says:

    after installing all of my column shortcodes are just displaying text salad on screen. I guess I know how I'll be spending my weekend. NOT FUN.

  32. You Tube says:

    This Fusion Page Builder is well organized. I believe we can build any website on the web with just this one Arvada Theme.

  33. Rich Woodfin says:

    Very well done. Quick and to the point. Love the "Big" new features like the library and nested columns… but really like some of the little well thought out "little" things… Like the collapsible container button.

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