Framed Show – Craig Lamere of Moz Studios

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Bonus content here :
“Moz Studios specializes in artisitc portraiture for families, individuals, high school seniors, and brides. We are a fashion oriented studio for our female client. We are an edgy and progressive studio. We pride our selves on providing our clients an awesome experience along with the finest heirloom quality products. We are not a volume studios as our emphasis is to create unique and one of kind artwork for our clients. ”

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34 Responses

  1. Lacy Gastelum says:

    Loved the video!

  2. Lisa Maier says:

    I believe the more you share and help others it will come back to you seven tines over. Great photos.

  3. Johnathan Aulabaugh says:

    Been to Pocatello a few times. Built some wind turbines above Idaho Falls.

  4. Ferhan Khan Photography says:

    DIrection of the model could be a lot better, also giving her some feedback on how she is doing and being a little more fun wouldn't hurt.

  5. Foto Arte na veia says:

    nice shots

  6. Terence Kearns says:

    Awesome. I'm inspired.

  7. David LaRochelle Photography says:

    Nice Channel!

  8. Brooklyn Morra says:

    I love his work, none of it is repetitive! It's true art. I thought his honesty on how he got started was as honest as I think others may choose to reveal! I hope my husbands dream to get that well established happens for him! You are a fantastic & amazing photographer!

  9. Bernard Gagnon says:

    There is not one single picture in there that did not floor me. Hope to find out more about his technique, in detail.

  10. Orgil Orgildinho says:

    nice shots an great retouch

  11. wasabi069 says:

    damn he is good!

  12. Brad Barlow says:

    Everybody is different. I'm reading comments like "needs to be nicer" and I'm like "what?" That's not my view at all. I watched impressed at how REAL Craig is. Natural, casual, laid back interaction and direction. Models look as comfortable as any of us could hope for. I wish I had his sense of style and eye for posing. Can't wait to learn at his workshop.

  13. paris yolo says:

    thx for the video! you are amazing !

  14. Nelson Cintron says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us…Amazing photos…once again.. Thank you…

  15. DarkSagan says:

    His work definitely stands out. Great job

  16. Ale Photography says:

    wow I love his work. His pics do stand out.

  17. tiffany sutton says:

    His work is completely boring. Not having a style is nothing to be proud of; otherwise you will never grow as a photographer.  His subjects are well light but the images are emotionless. The work shown here are plain. Add some drama.  

  18. siscopiso says:

    Its been mentioned by a couple of people already but I say it too, the editing was horrible, all the part with technical info was taken out! Anyways, very inspiring photographer.  

  19. terry breedlove says:

    great video

  20. Cody Ash says:

    Great show. Never heard of Craig but he's badass

  21. Speedsk8r says:

    Yes i also agree he could of been a little nicer to the model,and also flip flops for men is no bueno! Great images though!

  22. yusei85 says:

    Dont like at all how he talks to/directs the model…
    Nice pictures.

  23. Edmund Devereaux says:

    Like I am who I am guys like Craig. 

  24. Audrey Coley says:

    Finally a framed episode this season with some educational and technical info. Thank you! Craig is very talented and knows his stuff. 

  25. S J says:

    he could say "please" and "thanks" to his subject when instructing?

  26. Misty Fugate says:

    Congrats Craig! Great episode!

  27. carlosvenu says:

    Cant watch this video here in germany because of the music which is in it. I really want to see this episode but all the videos which contain music from sme and some other companies are not available because of the gema a german organisation which collects money for musicians and wants too much money for distribution rights from youtube so youtube doesnt make those kind of videos available here in germany sadly! I will visit the framed website and watch it there just wanna let you framed network people know because you loose all the traffic from germany so maybe it's better to use other music next time. Keep up the good work and much greetings!!!

  28. MrSimonj1970 says:

    Great work, this guy really knows his craft, inspiring. Thanks for a great episode guys!

  29. Cove's Photography says:


  30. Rick Havinga says:

    Have to say Craig,  enjoyed this interview and really enjoy your work. Also salute to all your team. You guys work well together.

  31. Creative Films says:

    Nice work

  32. opqrst7 says:

    Very down-to-earth and honest… not trying to sell himself as many of the popular guys. And, very cool work ! Keep up the good work; and keep inspiring people with your work and personality…

  33. Yoo Suk Jeong says:

    why did you edit the vid this way… your cutting some of his important tips. :/

  34. Steven Erat says:

    Awesome! I've been following Craig on FB for a good while because of his outstanding work, and it's great to learn about him as a person.  Very cool.  Funny that he mentions Emily Soto and Amanda Diaz, which are also on my best inspiration list (I've watched every BTS video from Emily at least twice, while taking notes).  Craig's work reminds me of Jaime Ibarra as well.  Hope to see more from Craig!

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