Fortnite Just Changed Console Building FOREVER..

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Fortnite NEW BUILDING Update For Console Now lets you build FASTER than EVER. Fortnite Console Players can now Build almost just as fast as PC players.
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47 Responses

  1. Ohhey 94k says:

    i could swear i used this 6 months ago

  2. TheFlipingGecko says:

    THANKS! now im a better building god until i found insta build

  3. shawn moebius says:

    Too bad this game dead af

  4. Patrick Prunster says:

    Fast building sensitivity doesn’t mean every thing

  5. Robert Hunter says:

    Ramp , wall , ramp , floor
    Where is the Pyramid!!!

  6. Jeo .Gaming says:

    It’s either me or I really just unable to do the challenge

  7. Flaming Icy says:

    yeah console can't outbuild a PC player .. and PC player can't outaim a Console player. which is not even worth to say "Aim" .

  8. Sup_Killa says:

    DUDE! Great video! You get my sub man. Keep it up

  9. Minulriki Plays says:

    You can hold in r2 and it place

  10. SirTunnelSnake says:

    As a PC player who has to play on console at friend's houses, this is an amazing thing to have finally been added

  11. T S M mind says:

    Thanks for your support loving your video's

  12. skull face says:

    trash garbe

  13. TyRoNę 378 says:

    He look like drake and he has his voice

  14. GrodTheAlmighty says:

    Between this and Aim assist.. I'm about to plug a damn controller into my rig.

  15. blue artifact says:

    if u have ur gun out and someone shoot at u just switch to build mode turn around switch back to combat mode and kill them [{OP}] btw i spelled those word wrong because it's just faster

  16. Titouan Riot says:

    Comment for your referencement

  17. Ducati Hyper821 says:

    It’s 1.7x as fast. At 2 it’s 2x

  18. Rahmaan1 says:


  19. Cabdulaahi Cabdirisaaq says:

    Thank u bro for letting us knowing that

  20. Tim Zurowski says:

    Hold on whats this R1 and R2 and L1 and L2 on the build is this PlayStation only?

  21. MOMO du bled says:

    console players suck

  22. Black Bacon says:

    that 30 fps was hurting my eyes plz

  23. Lukas L says:

    I feel so lonely cause i still play combat pro but i use pyramid ramping

  24. Miguel Ceja says:

    Thanks for this video

  25. HustinWinner 7 says:

    Still bots tho that need aim “assist “ definitely not aim bot

  26. TheUneven Bacon says:

    before this vid I could only build normally and now I can build a lot better thank u epic!!!

  27. Victor Roman says:

    u realize u already coud do that

  28. ChippyChill says:

    Probably should change this up by now but i use just my thumb to build…

  29. ChippyChill says:

    So can pc get different building and shooting speeds?

  30. Chris Brown says:

    2:12 Hmm who likes butter

  31. MrHgonzalez16 says:

    what camera do you use for this videos?

  32. 7 union says:

    I'm on pc I'm fucked

  33. vSandii says:

    ew controller noobs.

  34. UnknownFreak 1 says:

    1v1 anyone add VinnSip1 ps4

  35. SouthernStyleGamer says:

    I never got the hang of building and shooting!!!!!! I much rather play H1Z1 which I am getting very good at 🙂 Rather do a COD type of game. Fortnite is something you really have to be able to multitask at and I never could multitask at anything 🙂

  36. Kristen Curry says:

    This is also something that affects PC you also have to preview the ramp wall pyramid and stuff.

  37. Marko Zukamić says:

    If they dont allow cross play with pc man its ez now to build on ps4

  38. LIL BIG says:

    This saved all my console friends

  39. Hackee Gamer says:

    This was out ages ago

  40. Gunsbehind says:

    Yeah still need to be seperate

  41. Neil MacPherson says:

    still can't aim though…

  42. Movie Games says:

    All they need to do is add mouse and keyboard support.

  43. SamHewitt27 says:

    Now that console and pc are about equal they're gonna be all like now we have to make mobile better and then they add a button to auto build 1 by 1s

  44. fortnite without sabeeh says:

    Why did he change his name to just hollow

  45. pAndA eXpReSs. says:


  46. Mob boi Koori says:

    Just making the game sweatier

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