Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 217

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0:00 Intro and announcements

09:29 would like to know if you are also able to verify GMB listings in Germany with the MGYB service.
Greetings Dustin

10:10 Happy new year! I’m going to make a small affiliate site dedicated to reviewing one product. It’s for launch-jacking but I want it to rank long-term too. Can you advise on off-page strategy for this type of site? IFTTT network + RYS stack?

21:17 As Google phases out the shortener (closing March 30th), their replacement is Firebase Dynamic Links, which, in addition to a link destination, can also have a builtin title, description and image for social media. What are your thoughts on these – will you use these in place of Are there any SEO advantages from keywords in the title, description or image exif data? Thanks.

23:37 I have a client who’s business has 3 locations, should I use Schema markup with all locations on all pages then use just the specific Schema for 1 location on the individual location/city pages?

27:42 Happy New Year Dudes!!! Short GMB question. If building multiple GMB sites in the same geographical area, and I want to build a brand, is it best to use the city+brand name is the name so that Google doesn’t see it as a spam site? I was going to use the brand name for each location but MGYB customer service suggested I not do it that way. How do you do it? Thanks.

32:53 Any insider news (I know you all are tight) from Jeffrey Smith on when the new version of Ultimate SEO is coming out? Salivating. I want to see what’s in there. When we couple his on-page stuff/tools with Semantic Mastery’s stuff, we are literally demolishing stuff. Thanks guys.

34:09 Hey, SM gang. Happy New Year. I have a question about whether the SM techniques work with non-local, more niche clients. Marco might be the man to ask because he doesn’t give a fuuuuuuuuuu*k! You say that the techniques should work for any niche, but has anyone tried them with a non-brick and mortar “adult” client? As in a client that operates one or more “adult content” websites that are based on the brand, rather than the business? In most cases, there probably wouldn’t be a GMB to work with. Does G treat adult sites differently when it comes to these mainstream tactics?

39:38 One more quick question, for SM or anyone else on here. Does anyone on here buy the annual OMG Machines package? It rings in at $5k, so it’s not for everyone. Is the information worth the cost? Something that can be implemented into an SM strategy?

49:29 Hello guys I live in Charleston South Carolina! I’m a full time Musician I play drums and lead sing! Im looking to be one of the 1st musicians in Charleston to really use SEO/Google ads The right way any suggestions?

56:44 Hey guys! When you just have a GMB (via Local Lease Pro) is there any iframe stacking that can be done?

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