5 Essential SEO Programs for 2019

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I’m going to break down search engine optimization by different types of websites. I think that that’s a really common misconception in a lot of cases when it comes to search engine optimization, that it’s a one-size fit all solution. That is not the case. So, when it comes to search engine optimization, there are five different types of website programs that you need to be aware of.

The first one is local. The second one would be news. The third one would be e-commerce, And then the fourth one is branding. And then the fifth one is FAQ or just a general information site. For all of those different types of websites, different programs are associated with them, and if you don’t implement the right program for the right site, you’re going to have pretty bad results.

The first one I’d like to talk about is local. So, local SEO is built for businesses that have different locations. So, every single business generally has a location, but in some cases, they don’t let people come into their location. So, if you have a location, you don’t let people come into your location, that is not something that, you’re not going to push local SEO really hard, but if you’re a multi-location business and we have a lot of clients that are multi-location businesses here, then you are going to want to do local SEO.

Next, I’m getting into news sites, and news sites, really the name of the game with news sites is this. Determining what the terms that you’re going to be targeting are. Right, so having a clear roadmap. These are 100 terms that we want to target this month. And then going after those terms, and writing pieces of content that are usually 1000 words or more, or sometimes 2000, 3000 words, the longer usually, the better chance you have to rank in Google, and then just cranking that out.

The last two that we have here are, FAQ sites, and in addition to that we have branding sites. And FAQ sites, when I say that, think of Intuit for example. They have a lot of different forums on how to use things. So usually when you’re looking at a type of forum optimization, there’s a lot that can go wrong there. You can have too much thin content. Google doesn’t rank anything. You can have a lot of duplicate content. It’s usually site structured technical issues, or things get out of control. You get a lot of spam. Those are things you want to watch out for. So when it comes to these type of sites, it’s very important that you have a clear, dynamic optimization for the categories.

On the branding sites on the other side, there is a lot of emphasis that’s put on SEO. So think if you’re a big jewelry company, but maybe you don’t sell direct from your website, and you want a great site for branding, and I’ve worked on a couple of these. You’re going to be trying to rank for these top big terms. So if that’s the case you’re going to approach that much like you would any other type SEO programs on these other ones. What’s that main page that you’re trying to determine if the one that you want to rank. Making sure that you’re refreshing that on a monthly basis.

Those are the main things that you need to do to win in 2019. So think about what’s the program to add a ton of content to your site. Refresh old content. Build links every single month. Monitor your website to make sure it’s technically correct every month. And then run a great marketing campaign every quarter, so there’s always something new that people are talking about. So that’s it for SEO in 2019 today.
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