5 Dos & Donts of International SEO Aleyda Solis Whiteboard Friday

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When companies move into international markets they make the mistake of translating their current content and redirecting users without checking to make sure their message resonates with the culture. In this WBF Aleyda Solis gives a rundown of how to establish an international SEO process.

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3 Responses

  1. Ashok Baria says:

    Really very helpful topic …

  2. Lee Murphy says:

    Gotta love that accent

  3. Bob (WebGuyBob) Raymond says:

    Great topic! I recently joined a company where I'm responsible for the US website as well as English and French versions of the Canada websites. We are about to undergo a global redesign and implement a new CMS and technology stack. We are headquartered globally out of Taiwan, but HQ is using the US/Canada website combination as a pilot for best practices for the other country websites to follow.

    As such, I will be researching your blog posts to help with these efforts.


    Bob Raymond

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