12 Local SEO Best Practices 2019: Sevenstar Websolutions

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Are you going to promote your business website online in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine then watch and read our top 12 best SEO practices that must help to increase business visibility.

1. Don’t use cheap labour for citation

Don’t be short sighted and dig up some poor soul on fiverr or ODesk or Elance to work on your citations. Any mistakes they make will cost you in the long run.

2. Don’t Just List in Google

Google may be king , but make sure you also have correct and complete listings on Bing Places, Yahoo Local, and Google

3. list on these 5 Types of Sites

A) Date-aggregators
B) Horizontal directories
C) Industry-specific directories
D) Region-specific sites
E) Sites where you can get an “unstructured” citation, like a mention in a mewspaper
or by a ” local” blogger.

4. don’t confuse citations with links.

Remember: citations are just mentions of your name, address, and phone number. To Google, they increase your business’s relevance to and “prominence” in a specific city or region.

5. Follow the rules of each site.
They’re usually enforced, If this sounds like a “duh” piece of a advice, you’re ahead of the game.

6. Put quality over quantity.

If your citation are a mess, try to fix as many of them as possible listing your business on other sites.

7. Consider paying

Consider paying for listings on sites you’ve determined are influential and reputable – especially if your better-ranking competitors are listed on them. Don’t confine yourself to free listings

8. Realize that there are some listings you can’t delegate

Because they require owner-verification by phone!

9. Don’t Violate

Make absolutely certain your name and address are squeaky-clean compliant with Google’s guidelines before you build any citations.

10. Don’t Duplicate

Never submit a listing to a site before thoroughly checking to make sure you’re not already listed there. If you’re listed and the listing isn’t correct, claim and fix it.

11. Take your time with picking out categories.

Don’t skimp.
Always select as many relevant categories as you can on each site.

12. Use an autofill tool

But still double-check your info to make sure it’s been entered correctly. (chrome Autofill, RoboForm, or LastPass, are good form-filling applications)

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